Dest B1 Unit 15 Prepositional Phrases and Word Patterns

by credit card/cheque кредитной картой/чеком
for rent сдаётся внаём/напрокат
for sale available for people to buy; продаётся
in cash наличными
in debt задолжать, быть в долгу
in good/bad condition в хорошем/плохом  состоянии
wrong about/with If you are wrong about something, what you say or think about it is not correct
decide on If you decide on, you choose someone or something from a number of possible choices
belong to принадлежать, быть собственностью
lend sth to давать в долг/на время что-то кому-то
borrow sth from занимать что-л. у кого-л.
pay for платить за что-л.
buy sth from купить что-л. у кого-л.
spend sth on тратить что-то на
choose between сделать выбор между
an advert(isement) for объявление; реклама; анонс чего-то
compare sth to/with be similar to or have a specified relationship with another thing or person

Exercise 1. Fill in the necessary prepositions.

  1. He always paid ___ credit card and he always kept the receipts for his accountant.
  2. Can I pay ___ cheque?
  3. Vicky put the house up ___ rent a month ago, but changed her mind the next day.
  4. He was already deeply ___ debt through gambling losses…
  5. The traffic police will accept fines ___ cash immediately.
  6. The band will be ___ debt to the record company for years.
  7. The car hadn’t been used much, and was ___ very good condition.
  8. The road was ___ a very bad condition.
  9. I was wrong ___ the new guy – he’s not Belgian, he’s French.
  10. It’s cheaper to buy direct ___ the manufacturer.
  11. We decided ___ Spain for our holiday this year.
  12. The book belongs ___ Dan.
  13. He had lent the bungalow ___ the Conrads for a couple of weeks.
  14. You can borrow up to six books ___ the library.
  15. I like your new car — how much did you pay ___ it?
  16. It may be fairly cheap to buy, but you’ve got to take into consideration the money you’ll spend ___ repairs.
  17. For pudding we could choose ___ ice cream and apple tart.
  18. The Sunday papers are full of advertisements ___ cars.
  19. He says skiing is fun enough but it can’t compare ___ snowboarding
  20. Spraining an ankle hurts but doesn’t compare ___ breaking a leg.

 Exercise 2. Translate the words in brackets.

  1. You pay (кредитной картой) at least 10 days before departure.
  2. I filled up with petrol and then paid (чеком).
  3. There was a sign saying ‘Room (сдаётся)
  4. That painting is not (для продажи).
  5. You have to pay (наличными) for the tickets.
  6. The company was (в долгах) but is now turning a profit.
  7. The charity is accepting toys and clothing (в хорошем состоянии).
  8. You were (ошиблись со) the time — the shop closed at 7 not 8.
  9. Accommodation is free–all you (платишь) is breakfast and dinner…
  10. What’s (не так с) him?
  11. After leaving university, Therese (выбрала) a career in publishing.
  12. Who does this scarf (принадлежит)?
  13. I (одолжил) my CD player Dave and I haven’t got it back yet.
  14. I don’t like (брать взаймы у) friends.
  15. She sent money (заплатить за) my education.
  16. More money should be (потрачено на) education.
  17. We have to (выбрать между) doing geography or studying another language.
  18. He took out a front-page (реклама) his shop.
  19. The quality of English wines can now (сравниться) wines from Germany.
  20. This Roman gold  (не идёт в сравнение с)  a recent find by a local farmer, which is worth millions.


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