Text 7. Mysterious Disappearance

1. Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what it is about.

The text runs about a mysterious episode from the life of Agatha Christie, a famous English detective writer. In December 1926 Agatha left her home and disappeared. The mystery has only recently been solved.

2. How did the story begin? Read aloud the extract which says about it.

Paragraph 2

3. What are the details of the police investigation?

Firstly, the detective in charge of the case immediately organized a big search of the area where Agatha’s car was found crashed. Policemen came from different parts of the country to help in the search, even some famous detective writers were asked to help. Secondly, the police discovered that the marriage between Archie and Agatha Christie was not a happy one. Thirdly, the police received a letter in which Agatha informed her husband’s brother that she was going away to rest in Yorkshire, Harrogate. The police went there and looked for her at all the hotels but didn’t find her.

4. Why did Agatha Christie disappear according to the article?

According to the article Agatha Christie did not do it for publicity. She did it as she was going through an unhappy time with her husband.

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