Raising Smart Kids

BabyCenter [the Web’s #1 global interactive parenting network, has nurtured more than 240 million parents since its launch in 1997. For more info visit http://www.facebook.com/BabyCenter/info] shares 7 secrets to raising smart children, and one of them is to learn a language.

Learning a Language

Kids who learn a foreign language communicate better, don’t become frustrated as easily, and seek different ways of solving problems, according to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.
«There’s a lot of research that shows kids who learn a foreign language show amazing growth in cognitive skills, creativity, English, math, and science,» says Ingrid Pufahl, a linguist and research associate at the Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington, D.C. «They’re also better problem solvers, and can think out of the box, because they’ve been exposed to different points of view and different languages.»
Pufahl adds that you don’t have to be fluent in a language to see the brain boost. «Even after studying a foreign language for a short time, you can start seeing benefits,» she says.


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