Language Immersion

What does it mean – language immersion?

It looks like this: when you want to say something, the first thought that reaches your mind is in the language you learn. Your mother tongue seems to be only a background for your thinking in another language. You feel more confident and you are willing to express your thoughts in another language. Foreign vocabulary is buzzing in your head all by itself.

I think if this lasts for a long time it can do the learner much good. It’s a kind of natural motivation. You want to talk, you talk and finally, you know how to put your thoughts into another language. Оr, better to say, you are thinking in another language.

It’s a great pleasure to communicate with native speakers or people learning the same language as you are and understand one another. This is precisely because communication and understanding, not getting points or expectation of a reward for what you’ve learned, is your goal.

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