Bush the Аrtist

Материал может быть использован в 10 классе при прохождении темы «Art».


bush_paintingIt’s been five years since George W. Bush left the White House. So, what’s he been up to? A lot of painting! “I love to paint. It’s changed my life in an unbelievably positive way,” the ex-president said.
Bush started painting five years ago, and he does self-portraits, landscapes and pictures of animals. “I paint people’s pets. And I love to give it to them as a gift.» he said. So, is his art worth anything? “The signature is more valuable than the painting,” Bush admitted. And what do the critics say? Leading art writer Jerry Saltz reckons Bush is “a good painter» and thinks an exhibition of the former commander-in-chief’s art would be very popular. “These are the works of a man who came this close to all but burning down our great country. Who wouldn’t be interested?”


up to — the things that you’ve been «up to» are the things you’ve been doing
a self-portrait -a picture that you paint of yourself
a landscape — a picture that shows a scene in the countryside, with mountains, rivers, etc.
a gift — a present, something you give to someone for their birthday,etc
a signature — if you put your «signature» on a cheque, etc., you write your name on it
to reckon — if you «reckon» that something is true, you think it’s true
this close — if you say that someone came «this close» to doing something, you‘re saying that they almost did it. We often use our fingers to illustrate this by holding our index finger and thumb close together

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