Билет №1 FAMILY (a draft)


joys – радости
sorrows – горести
to share – делить(ся)
support – поддержка
respect – уважение
attention – внимание
to treat smb – относиться к кому-то
to obey – подчиняться, слушаться
to trust – доверять
loving care – любовь и забота
domestic chores – домашние обязанности
events – события

What role does family play in each person’s life?
Every person needs a place where he can feel happy and quiet. One needs people with whom he could speak freely about his problems, share his joys and his sorrows. Such place and such people are his family. We may say that a family is an emotional centre of a person’s life. Your family will never ignore you; you will always get support and understanding from your family, no matter whether you are good or bad. You can’t live without your family’s help and respect, but you should remember that your family members also need your attention and support.

What is family for you?
My home is the best place in the world for me and my family are the dearest people for me. We trust each other. My parents treat me with loving care and I, in my turn, love, respect and obey my parents.

What is an ideal family for you?
An ideal family for me is loving parents and happy children.
An ideal family is a family in which people have much in common, love each over, spend a lot of time together, support and help each other and share their domestic chores. Everyone in such family is friendly.

Do you have your own family traditions?
Yes, we do. We have our own family traditions, but not many. We usually celebrate family holidays together and it’s a tradition to have dinner together and chat about the events of the day.

What will you ask your British friend about his/her family?
Is your family big or small?
Have you got a sister or a brother?
Do you get on well with your sister/brother?
What traditions have you got in your family?
Do you spend much time together?

What can you advise people who want to have a close and happy family?
If you want to have a happy family, try to be patient and understanding. Respect and support your family members. Talk over your problems together. Share your domestic chores. Keep your family traditions.

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