Synonyms insure/ensure/assure (practice)

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps with one of the synonyms. Check yourself with the keys.

  1. The airline has *** travellers there will be no further delays.
  2. The doctors are doing everything they can to *** the child will be born healthy.
  3. Think carefully before you *** against accident, sickness and redundancy…
  4. Her doctor has *** us that she’ll be fine.
  5. Controlling land development would *** the survival of many types of wildlife.
  6. He tried opening the door to ***  himself that it was locked.
  7. He had locked the door to *** privacy.
  8. I can *** you that the animals are well cared for…
  9. Making a will is the only way to *** your wishes are respected.
  10. We automatically *** your belongings against fire and theft.
  11. A sunny position and well-drained soil *** success.
  12. Tim waited a moment to *** himself that he was not being followed.
  13. They took steps to ***  the safety of the passengers.
  14. Police have *** the public that they are doing everything they can to find the killer.
  15. The hospital tries to *** that people are seen quickly.
  16. Have you *** the contents of your home?
  17. She *** him (that) the car would be ready the next day.
  18. The lifejacket had almost certainly *** her survival.
  19. The doctor ***  me that I wouldn’t feel any pain.
  20. It is wise to *** your property against storm damage.


  1. assured
  2. ensure
  3. insure
  4. assured
  5. ensure
  6. assure
  7. ensure
  8. assure
  9. ensure
  10. insure
  11. ensure
  12. assure
  13. ensure
  14. assured
  15. ensure
  16. insured
  17. assured
  18. ensured
  19. assured
  20. insure

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