Expressions with the word «mouth»

say bad things about a person to badmouth somebody
say something that hurts a person’s feelings and later regret to put one’s foot in one’s mouth
feel sad for saying the wrong thing to feel down in the mouth
to falsely claim another person to put one’s words in one’s mouth
to hear about smth from other people to get information through word of mouth
to hear about smth through government-run media to get information through a mouthpiece
say the same thing that another person was going to say take the words right out of one’s mouth
a bad or unpleasant experience with another person an experience which leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth
had a very frightening experience to have one’s heart in one’s mouth
be born into a very rich family be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth
be very poor live from hand to mouth
a child who says bad things a mouthy child
to punish the child for saying bad things to stop mouthing off
to talk too long to run one’s mouth long


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