Form 11. Environment. Word List

Список слов к зачёту по теме Environment.

environment окружающая среда
urgent срочный, неотложный
suffer from страдать от
pollution загрязнение
numerous многочисленный
increase увеличивать/ся
waste отходы
cut down вырубать
destroy разрушать
habitat среда обитания
to arise возникать, появляться
due to вследствие; в результате
careless зд. легкомысленный
gradually постепенно
contaminated заражённый, загрязнённый
world population население планеты
suspend приостановить
care about заботиться о
to solve решать
to recycle повторно использовать
public transport общественный транспорт
private cars личные автомобили
local governments местные органы власти
to prevent предотвратить
to forbid запретить
to pollute загрязнять
immediately немедленно
otherwise иначе
to face сталкиваться лицом к лицу (с чем-л.)
global disaster всемирное бедствие

Environmental problems have become one of the most urgent problems of modern society. More and more people suffer from air and water pollution. Nature also suffers from land and nuclear pollution.
The reasons for such environmental problems are numerous. Among them increasing number of cars in the streets, factory waste, millions of cut down trees, destroyed habitats of animals, contaminated rivers and seas.
All these problems mainly arise due to human careless activities and gradually destroy our planet. If we look closely, we’ll notice that not only one city is under danger, but the majority of world population.
Fortunately, there are many ways to suspend these problems. If everybody starts caring about the planet we live on, many environmental problems can be solved. For example, if we start recycling paper and cardboard, we can save lots of trees. If we start using public transport more than private cars, we can have less air pollution. Local governments can also help to prevent some problems, if they forbid logging companies to destroy the forests, or stop factories from polluting water. The most important thing is, of course, to start acting immediately, otherwise we might have to face many global disasters.

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