Dest B1 Unit 21 Vocabulary to Practise

Unit 21

Fill in the gaps with appropriate words. Don’t forget to change the form of the word where necessary.

accent* announcement* broadcast
He will place an *** in the personal column of The Daily Telegraph.
The President addressed the nation in a television ***.
He had a strong Irish ***.

channel* contact* image
The college has brought me into *** with western ideas.
Mickey Mouse’s *** was plastered on billboards all over town.
The kids are watching cartoons on the Disney ***.

viewer* report* media
According to recent news ***, two of the victims are Americans.
The new series has gone down well with ***.
The scandal was widely reported in the national ***.

broadcast* contact* click
All you have to do is right-*** on the desktop and select New Folder.
***  the Tourist Information Bureau for further details…
The concert will be *** live on television and radio…

clear* online* informal
The meetings are very *** and friendly with lots of ideas and challenges.
The book is ***, readable and adequately illustrated…
There are plenty of *** dictionaries available free on the Internet.

file* link* internet
You can find all kinds of information on the ***.
He sat behind a table on which were half a dozen ***.
For elderly people, TV is a vital ***  with the outside world.

link* interrupt* pause
He tried to speak, but she *** him.
The Internet allows people from all over the world to *** up for chat sessions.
Then he *** to collect his thoughts.

pause* type* online
It’s much easier to book tickets ***.
There was a long *** before anyone spoke.
What *** of music do you like?

formal* ring* request
Thank you to those who responded to our *** for information last month.
He wrote a very *** letter of apology to Douglas…
I was going to *** you but I don’t have your number.

mobile phone* signal* persuade
They had tried to *** Harry to have a bed in their dormitory but he wouldn’t agree.
Please make sure all *** *** are switched off during the performance.
You mustn’t fire without my ***.

pronounce* publish* report
His latest book of poetry will be *** by Faber in May.
He *** it Per-sha, the way the English do.
Bashir Gemayel was in Damascus when the news was *** to him.

request* whisper* swear
She was shouting and *** at everyone.
You don’t have to ***, no one can hear us.
You have to *** permission if you want to take any photographs.

website* link* whisper
*** of a marriage break-up soon started to circulate.
Local terminals are *** to the central computer.
She posted the photos on her ***.

Note: whispers=rumours

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