Script 7 (Пособие по подготовке к экзамену)

Remember the ways to ask somebody about his/her profession:

* What are you?
* What do you do?
* What’s your job?
* What’s your profession?
* What’s your occupation?

Don’t forget to use an indefinite article before a profession.

e.g. I’m a student. My mum is a doctor. My dad is an engineer. My grandad is a pensioner.

1. What does Sonia do?
2. What are the problems of unhealthy eating?
3. Why is eating fruit and vegetables healthy?


1. Sonia is a nutritionist./She is a food scientist. She examines the effects food has on our bodies.
2. The problem of unhealthy eating are being fat and heart disease./Unhealthy eating causes all kinds of health problems such as being fat and even heart disease.
3. Eating fruit and vegetables can reduce your risk of cancer by as much as 20%.

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