Eccentrics in China (a bit of tenses)

Fill in the gaps with the correct verb forms.

Truck Driver Takes a Shower While Driving

A Chinese trucker (A1)_____ for having a shower while driving his lorry on a motorway.  Shortly after the Chinese New Year a police patrol car (A2)_____ water leaking from the driver’s cab as it sped along the Jinyi expressway.
‘We worried the driver may not have known about a mechanical problem so we signalled him to pull over at a service station,’ a police spokesman informed Will and Guy.
The police officers (A3)_____ to see the driver was wet through and had been enjoying a shower via a sprinkler kettle system rigged up above his head. His wife, who (A4) ______ in the passenger seat, had been holding up a sheet of plastic to protect the instruments from the water. She (A5)____ police officers there were rushing to deliver goods in another city and she (A6)_____ up the shower to keep her husband cool after the air-conditioning system (A7)_____down. Police (A8)_____ the lorry driver and warned him he would be in serious trouble if he (A9)_____ to have a shower at the wheel again.

A1. 1) has been fined 2) has fined 3) fined 4) had fined
A2. 1) spot 2) spotted 3) has spotted 4) had spotted
A3. 1) have been shocked 2) were shocked 3) were shocking 4) shocked
A4. 1) sat 2) was sitting 3) had sat 4) had been sitting
A 5. 1) told 2) has been told 3) has told 4) had told
A6. 1) has rigged 2) was rigged 3) was rigging 4) had rigged
A7. 1) breaks 2) broke 3) will break 4) had broken
A8. 1) has fined 2) had fined 3) was fining 4) fined
A9. 1) try 2) will try 3) tried 4) tries
A1. 1) has been fined A2.2) spotted A3. 2) were shocked A4. 2) was sitting
A 5.1) told A6. 4) had rigged A7. 2) broke A8. 4) fined A9. 3) tried

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