Text 13. Shakespeare’s Portrait?

Card 13. Reading

1. The text is about a painting discovered by experts. The portrait is supposed to be that of Shakespeare’s.

2. 2-й абзац.

3. The painting has been dated and X-rayed.  They now believe it was painted in 1610, when Shakespeare was 46 years old.

4. Some people doubt that this is a portrait of Shakespeare, because there is no proof the Janssen portrait, which is displayed at a Shakespeare’s exhibition, is a picture of Shakespeare either.

Script 35, p.100

Listen to three speakers talking about travelling and answer the questions below.

1. Why do many people travel today according to the first speaker?
2. How does the second speaker describe people who never travel?
3. What can a person gain travelling to other countries according to the third speaker?


1. According to the first speaker, a lot of people today travel not in order to learn, but to «have a good time» and usually on their terms.

2. The second speaker describes people who never travel as narrow-minded and ignorant.

3. According to the third speaker, when you travel you can see, feel and touch other ways of living. You appreciate your own life then and see things in a different way.

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