Dest B1. Unit 30 WF

Unit 30

bake bend cook intend jog medicine pain reduce sense weigh

1. My father is a very open, trusting person who made his living as a ***.[BAKE]
2. Charles worked in a *** by the river that shipped its products to the rest of the city by boat. [BAKE]
3. Keep your knees slightly ***. [BEND]
4. Gas *** are more efficient than electric ones. [COOK]
5. *** is the activity of preparing and cooking food. [COOK]
6. Unfortunately, his good *** never seemed to last long. [INTEND]
7. How can I blame him? It wasn’t ***. [INTEND]
8. It isn’t the walking and *** that got his weight down. [JOG]
9. A *** is a person who jogs as a form of exercise. [JOG]
10. They are demanding more funding for *** facilities.[MEDICINE]
11. Her glands were swollen and ***… [PAIN]
12. Acupuncture treatment is gentle, ***, and, invariably, most relaxing… [PAIN]
13. Farmers have suffered a substantial *** in income. [REDUCE]
14. This was the first *** suggestion she had heard from him. [SENSE]
15. The classroom teacher must be *** to a child’s needs… [SENSE]
16. What is your height and ***?… [WEIGH]
17. We offer financial *** to students. [ASSIST]
18. She can’t accept she made a mistake and now she’s trying to lay the blame on her ***. [ASSIST]
19. Rome had probably more than the average number of ***. [BEG]
20. «You can’t wear that hat,» said Monica in her usual *** voice. [BOSS]
21. Steve’s still looking for full-time ***. [EMPLOY]
22. These measures could result in massive *** in the construction industry. [EMPLOY]
23. He had been sent to Rome by his ***… [EMPLOY]
24. The Birmingham-based company has over 200 ***. [EMPLOY]
25. Fifty per cent of the men in this town are ***. [EMPLOY]
26. One of my childhood *** was collecting stamps. [OCCUPY]
27. He got permission from his commanding *** to join me. [OFFICE]
28. The *** reason given for the President’s absence was sickness. [OFFICE]
29. Both my parents are *** now. [RETIRE]
30. Will you be able to support yourself in ***? [RETIRE]
31. My grandmother *** up all her old magazines. [SAFE]
32. Critics claim the trucks are ***… [SAFE]
33. Lower speed limits are part of a new road *** campaign. [SAFE]
34. Did you have any *** in persuading Alan to come? [SUCCEED]
35. I am looking forward to a long and *** partnership with him… [SUCCEED]
36. Marie Curie is *** for her contribution to science. [FAME]
37. Read the terms of your loan *** carefully. [AGREE]
38. A lot of people think that capitalism is the only system that works, but I ***. [AGREE]
39. Do you *** in magic? [BELIEF]
40. One of the differences between life and writing is that writing always has to be *** whereas life isn’t. [BELIEF]
41. He was wrong, and *** enough to admit it. [COURAGE]
42. If the party loses the ***, they may decide they need a new leader. [ELECT]
43. Black people had to fight for social and economic *** with whites. [EQUAL]
44. The boxers were so *** in size that it was never really a true contest. [EQUAL]
45. He *** just across the street from me. [LIFE]
46. It was a bad accident – they’re lucky to be ***. [LIFE]
47. Despite being born in Germany, these children do not have an automatic right to German ***. [NATION]
48. The number of people who join the army is so low that it is beginning to threaten *** security. [NATION]
49. The kidnap was carried out by a group of *** terrorists. [NATION]
50. We had a *** afternoon without the children. [PEACE]
51. Except for traffic noise the night passed ***. [PEACE]
52. Soldiers arrived, looking for escaped ***. [PRISON]
53. He had murdered Perceval at point blank range with a single ***… [SHOOT]

1. baker 2. bakery 3. bent 4. cookers 5. cookery 6. intentions 7. intentional 8. jogging 9. jogger 10. medical 11. painful 12. painless 13. reduction 14. sensible 15. sensitive 16. weight 17. assistance. 18. assistant 19. beggars 20. bossy 21. employment 22. unemployment 23. employer 24. employees 25. unemployed 26. occupations 27. officer 28. official 29. retired 30. retirement 31. saved 32. unsafe 33. safety 34. success 35. successful 36. famous 37. agreement 38. disagree 39. believe 40. believable 41. courageous 42. election 43. equality 44. unequal 45.lives 46. alive 47. nationality 48. national 49. international 50. peaceful 51. peacefully 52. prisoners 53. shot

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