Школьная олимпиада 8 класс. 2 гимназия г. Орша 2014

Open the brackets using the proper tense-form.
A letter to a friend.
Dear Peter,
You by any chance (know) where Bob (be)? I (like) (find out) because I just (hear) of a job that exactly (suit) him, but if he (not/apply) fairly soon of course he (not/get) it.
I last (see) him about a month ago, when he just (leave) his job with the film company. He (say) he (go) to France for a holiday and (promise) (send) me a postcard with his French address as soon as he (find) a place (stay). But I (hear) nothing about him since then and (not/know)even he (go) to France or not.
If you (know) his address I (be) very grateful if you (phone) me. I (try)(phone) you several times but your phone (not seem) (be) working.
Use the right article if necessary.
1.It was … early morning.
2. …Russians like … good hard winter with … plenty of snow and frost.
3. What … valuable information!
4. How much did you pay for … dinner?
5. … meat is warm enough, but …potatoes are cold.
6. … London zoo is situated in … Regent Park of London.
7. Mary bought … grey dark coat and … hat and … gloves to match.
8. He is going to … Canada to see … Niagara Falls.
Fill in the correct prepositions if necessary.
1. What is … … the cinema today?
2.I asked him to put … the lights if he was the last to leave.
3. I couldn’t take …. the lecture at all. It was too difficult for me.
4.She hasn’t got … the shock yet.
5.My friend called … me for a few minutes to return a book.
6.In this book the mysterious stranger turns … to be the long-lost son of the duke.
7.Tom didn’t want to lend us money but … the end he agreed.
8.The car crashed … the tree.
Choose the necessary pronoun.
1.Is there (many,few,much) meat in the fridge?
2.I looked for Gorge and Mike but I found (all, none,both,neither) of them.
3.An average family has (less,fewer,many,little) children now than before the war.
4.(No,any,every,most) of us think that our country should be a democracy.
5.We have (a little,little,any,few) coffee, but it won’t be enough for our guests.
6.I haven’t bought (much,some,few,many) cigarettes.
7.I bought two pens yesterday. One is here and where is (another,the other,others)?
8.Come and see me (some,any,no) time you want.
Choose the correct word.
1.She had such a (childish,childlike) expression on her face, some kind of innocence.
2.My elder brother is seven years (more old,elder,older) than me.
3. Many people must be (economic,economical) to live well.
4.She (passed,took) her exam in June but still she doesn’t know the results.
5.The town(lay,laid) before us.
6.Magna Charta is an important (historic,historical) document.
7.Nobody knew the answer, (don’t they,did they,didn’t they)?
8.The teacher (raised,rose) his finger to show something.
Paraphrase the following sentences.
1. I have never had such a nice holiday.
2. My mother doesn’t sleep well and neither does my father.
Neither my mother…
3.Mary is prettier than her sister.
Mary’s sister isn’t
4. «Can I borrow your car, John» asked Brian.
Brian asked…
5.It’s not necessary for you to leave so early.

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