Dest B1 Unit 33 WF

Unit 33

art break compose exhibit free hand imagine intelligent perfect prepare

1. At that time Picasso was a struggling ***, little known outside Paris. [ART]
2. They encourage boys to be sensitive and ***… [ART]
3. Put *** objects out of the reach of children. [BREAK]
4. Make sure your patio doors are made of *** glass. [BREAK]
5. Mozart’s *** are undoubtedly amongst the world’s greatest.[COMPOSE]
6. My favourite *** is Beethoven. [COMPOSE]
7. The museum is staging an *** of Picasso’s work. [EXHIBIT]
8. Today we have the *** to decide our own futures… [FREE]
9. He pulled out a *** of coins from his pocket. [HAND]
10. Then he turned the *** and went in. [HAND]
11. Long before I ever went there, Africa was alive in my ***. [IMAGINE]
12. She wrote an *** story about life on the planet Venus. [IMAGINE]
13. To be good at the game, you need a reasonable level of ***. [INTELLIGENT]
14. Physical *** in a human being is exceedingly rare. [PERFECT]
15. All our sale items are slightly ***. [PERFECT]
16. Only you can decide when to begin your exam ***. [PREPARE]
17. She’s a successful *** who opened a chain of bakeries. [BAKE]
18. To support himself and his wife, Edith, he daily gets up at 2.30am to work at Richmond ***. [BAKE]
19. She kept her head *** so that Josie couldn’t see her face. [BEND]
20. Clarence entered the park at the request of the Trust to repair the gas *** in the cafeteria. [COOK]
21. Chillis are used a lot in Mexican ***. [COOK]
22. They went into town with the *** of visiting the library. [INTEND]
23. The damage was not *** but I was still annoyed.[INTEND]
24. *** is the only sport both Dave and I enjoy. [JOG]
25. A tall bald *** was behind the other but gaining. [JOG]
26. People over 60 should have regular *** checks. [MEDICINE]
27. The divorce was *** for both of us. [PAIN]
28. Thankfully, there’s a wide selection of search tools to make the task relatively ***. [PAIN]
29. There is no reason why the new technology should mean a massive *** in employment. [REDUCE]
30. She was a *** girl and did not panic… [SENSE]
31. Young people are very *** about their appearance… [SENSE]
32. Despite the vehicle’s size and *** it is not difficult to drive. [WEIGH]
33. Can I be of any *** (=can I help you)? [ASSIST]
34. The *** took the book and checked the price on the back cover… [BEG]
35. When Eumaeus came back he found the old *** he had left. [BEG]
36. She found Molly to be *** and interfering. [BOSS]
37. Mexican law prohibits the *** of children under 14. [EMPLOY]
38. *** is the fact that people who want jobs cannot get them. [EMPLOY]
39. Seven *** were dismissed for misconduct. [EMPLOY]
40. We will need a reference from your last *** before we can send you a contract. [EMPLOY]
41. More than 3,000 local workers are *** in the tourism industry… [EMPLOY]
42. Many of his colleagues have taken up another ***. [OCCUPY]
43. The police *** asked to see his driving licence. [OFFICE]
44. You will have to get *** permission first. [OFFICE]
45. The President made an *** visit to the Senator’s house. [OFFICE]
46. The company specializes in holidays for *** people. [RETIRE]
47. He took early *** in 1990 after 25 years at IBM. [RETIRE]
48. Surgeons believe they can *** her sight. [SAFE]
49. They feel the world is *** and their child needs to be protected. [SAFE]
50. For ***, always climb with a partner. [SAFE]
51. The experiment was a big ***. [SUCCEED]
52. Were you *** in persuading him to change his mind? [SUCCEED]
53. She was more *** as a writer than as a singer. [FAME]

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