Examination topics. Consolidation

Topic Key question Link
  1. Family
What role does family play in each person’s life? http://fortee.ru/2013/09/15/bilety-1-3-family/
  1. Family
What is family for you? http://fortee.ru/2013/09/15/bilety-1-3-family/
  1. Family
Why is family important for you? http://fortee.ru/2013/09/15/bilety-1-3-family/
  1. Friendship
What role do friends play in your life? http://fortee.ru/2013/09/15/bilet-4-friendship/
  1. School
What can you tell me about studying at school? http://fortee.ru/2013/09/21/bilet-5-studying-at-school/
  1. School
Do you have any traditions at your school? What are they? http://fortee.ru/2013/09/21/bilet-6-school-traditions/
  1. School
What can you tell me about the place where you study? http://fortee.ru/2013/09/22/bilet-7-my-school/
  1. Future career
What would you like to become? http://fortee.ru/2013/10/05/bilet-8-future-career/
  1. In the city and in the country
Why do young people prefer living in town? http://fortee.ru/2013/10/06/bilet-9-life-in-the-city-and-in-the-country/
  1. My village
Describe the place where you live. http://fortee.ru/2013/11/07/bilet-10-the-place-where-you-live/
  1. Belarusian cuisine
What can you tell me about Belarusian national cuisine? http://fortee.ru/2013/10/31/bilet-11-food-belarusian-cuisine/
  1. Food in Britain
What do people eat in Britain? http://fortee.ru/2013/10/31/bilet-12-food-food-in-britain/
  1. Shopping
Who does the shopping in your family? http://fortee.ru/2013/10/31/bilet-13-shopping/
  1. Leisure time
What do you do in your free time? http://fortee.ru/2013/11/02/bilet-14-leisure-time/
  1. Holidays in Belarus
What can you tell me about your favourite Belarusian holiday? http://fortee.ru/2013/11/02/bilet-15-belarusian-customs-and-traditions/
  1. Holidays in Britain
What can you tell me about your favourite holiday in Britain? http://fortee.ru/2013/11/03/bilet-16-british-customs-and-traditions/
  1. Means of communication
Let’s talk about modern means of communication: TV, newspapers, radio, the Internet. Which of these does your family like? http://fortee.ru/2013/11/07/bilet-17-means-of-communication/
  1. Health
What influences a person’s health? http://fortee.ru/2013/11/07/bilet-18-healthy-way-of-life/
  1. Sport
What do you do to keep fit? http://fortee.ru/2013/11/07/bilet-19-sport/
  1. Fashion
What style in clothes do you prefer and why? http://fortee.ru/2013/12/22/card-20-fashion/
  1. Travelling
Let’s talk about travelling and tourism. What role do they play in your life? http://fortee.ru/2013/12/29/bilet-21-travelling-and-tourism/
  1. Environment
People say that our planet is in danger. Do you share this opinion? http://fortee.ru/2013/11/18/card-22-environment/
  1. Weather
What is happening to weather and climate nowadays? http://fortee.ru/2014/01/06/bilet-23-weather-and-climate/
  1. Belarus
What can you tell me about our Motherland? http://fortee.ru/2014/03/16/bilet-24-belarus/
  1. Britain
Let’s talk about Great Britain. What do you know about this country?  http://fortee.ru/2014/04/05/card-25-britain/

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