Some more practice to Unit 30 Dest B1

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps with your active vocabulary from Unit 30 to complete the sentences.

  1. Nicotine adversely *** the functioning of the heart and arteries…
  2. There is no *** to how much fresh fruit you can eat in a day…
  3. Her cancer can only be controlled, not ***.
  4. How about going out for a *** tonight?
  5. This wine would be excellent with a *** dish such as ham.
  6. Try to eat foods that are rich in *** and minerals.
  7. People are concerned about the quality of the air they ***.
  8. Be certain to eat slowly and *** your food extremely well…
  9. The committee *** 11 Democrats and nine Republicans.
  10. Symptoms include a sore throat and a nasty ***.
  11. The doctor says I must have an ***.
  12. Most of us need to lead more balanced lives to be *** and happy…
  13. He had completely *** her remark, preferring his own theory.
  14. We use only natural *** in our products.
  15. For maximum ***, use your treatment every day.
  16. She was taken to hospital with serious head ***.
  17. Why do I have to take all these ***?
  18. I admired the thick *** of plum cake arranged on the plate.
  19. He continued to *** his tea, as if there might be something in there to stir.
  20. Many patients are not getting the medical *** they need.
  21. He went outside to *** some more wood for the fire.

Exercise 2. Fill in the gaps with your active vocabulary from Unit 30 to complete the sentences.

  1. Apples contain several essential ***.
  2. He’d been running and he was *** hard.
  3. Helen was *** a piece of gum.
  4. Large areas of rainforest are being *** down every day.
  5. Each book *** ten reading texts followed by short and varied exercises.
  6. The baby had to have an ***, but he’s fine now.
  7. A good diet keeps you ***.
  8. You should check the list of *** on fruit juice cartons.
  9. My wife and I set a *** on how much we spend on clothes.
  10. This bacon is too *** for me.
  11. *** the soup for a few seconds…
  12. The medicine had a slightly bitter ***.
  13. The best *** for a cold is to rest and drink lots of fluids.
  14. *** the sauce gently to prevent burning.
  15. The pizza *** delicious without any cheese at all.
  16. The disease *** the central nervous system.
  17. Feel free to *** those questions that don’t apply to you.
  18. I took a sleeping *** and tried to go back to sleep.
  19. Always sterilize the needle to prevent ***.
  20. The two other passengers escaped serious ***.
  21. He has to take *** to control his blood pressure.

Exercise 3. Choose one word to suit all three sentences. You may change the form of the word where necessary.

Lack of *** can lead to feelings of depression and exhaustion…
Try to fit some regular *** into your daily routine.
Most people need to do more ***.

The medicines you are currently taking could be affecting your ***.
Try to keep a *** between work and play.
You can’t have a proper work-life *** if you’re in the office for 12 hours a day.

Atkinson has been told rest is the only *** for his ankle injury.
There is still no *** for AIDS.
Many types of cancer can now be ***.

They are trying to stop the spread of the *** virus.
If you are a person at greater risk from ***, consider having a flu vaccine this autumn.
I think I’m getting a cold or *** – I’ve been coughing and sneezing all day.

She sat next to him throughout the ***…
It’s rare that I have an evening *** with my children.
Dinner is the main *** of the day for most people.

After a few days of fever, she began to ***.
It took several months for him to *** from his illness.
Her doctor had told her that she had completely ***.

Try to eat at least four *** of bread a day.
Serve it with thin *** of bread and butter.
He helped himself to another *** of meat.

The stewed apple was *** even with honey.
She always had the same *** expression.
The milk’s gone ***.

Thai food is hot and ***.
Add a little curry powder to give it a *** taste.
This sort of hot and *** food is very typical of the food in the south of the country.

Within a few days she had become seriously ill, *** great pain and discomfort…
At least he died suddenly and didn’t ***.
Craig’s father Robert says his son is still *** from nightmares, and has to see a psychiatrist weekly for counselling.

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