Dest B1. Unit 30. Phrasal verbs

Exercise 1. Fill in the missing verbs

1. Please, *** down and make yourselves comfortable.
2. Our apple tree *** down in the storm.
3. The police ordered him to lay down his weapons and *** down on the ground.
4. Cream will *** off very quickly if it is not kept in the fridge.
5. I’m trying to *** down on cigarettes.
6. She *** a lot of weight on after the children were born.
7. *** up straight and take your hands out of your pockets.

Exercise 2. Fill in the missing particles

1. Cut *** on fatty foods if you want to lose weight.
2. I’m going to go and lie *** for a while.
3. I can eat what I want but I never put *** weight…
4. I sat *** on the sofa next to Barbara.
5. A man at the back stood *** to ask a question.
6. He stumbled and fell ***.
7. Put the milk back in the fridge or else it will go ***.

Exercise 3. Translate the words in brackets

1. These improvements will (уменьшат) traffic noise.
2. Preservatives are added to prevent food from (порчи) so quickly.
3. I’m tired. I’m going to (прилечь).
4. I’ve (поправилась на) 2kg in the last month.
5. We were tired so we decided to (посидеть) for a while.

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