Dest B1 Unit 33 Vocabulary to practise

Dest B1 Unit 33 Some more practice

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps using your active vocabulary.

  1. We visited the *** city of Petra and rode camels.
  2. My shoes were so *** that I could hardly walk.
  3. Her nails were painted bright red to *** her dress…
  4. The social worker can give *** help and advice on all these tasks.
  5. Choose the right garden *** and you’ll do the job properly.
  6. The leaves had been swept into huge ***.
  7. He lay around all afternoon in his brown tweed ***, and even pulled a button off the jacket.
  8. He was wearing blue jeans and *** shirt.
  9. The house is not really *** for a large family.
  10. Lycra shorts will *** to fit you perfectly.
  11. The small boy was pulling at his mother’s coat ***.
  12. People *** buildings, bridges, and furniture.
  13. His *** hand had dirt under the nails.
  14. My aunt knitted me a blue and white *** sweater for Christmas.
  15. Some changes have been made to the computer’s basic ***.
  16. They should be able to find you the best package to *** your needs.
  17. I’ll need to *** the boat before we can go out in it.
  18. She *** her napkin, put it carefully through the ring and then left it by her place.
  19. The portrait was to be sold to a private *** in the United States.
  20. The white walls and mirrors helped to *** an illusion of space.
  21. There has been a gradual *** in educational standards.
  22. She’s lost so much weight, all her clothes are ***.
  23. A lot of sportswear is made of very elastic ***.
  24. Did you *** that this road is closed ahead?
  25. There were balloons of all *** and sizes in the sky.
  26. These lightweight trousers are made from 100% ***.
  27. His first job was installing and *** computers.
  28. She was looking at Mrs. Gotobed’s dress. Pale grey *** with pink ostrich feathers.
  29. The marble table felt *** and cold against her arm.
  30. The *** on the wall said ‘No smoking’.
  31. The rooms are furnished in a modern ***.
  32. She unwrapped the present carefully, trying not to *** the paper.
  33. How did you get that *** in your jacket ?
  34. I like this navy blue silk blouse with a white flowery ***.
1. ancient 2. tight 3. match 4. practical 5. tool 6. piles 7. suit 8. checked 9. suitable 10. stretch 11. sleeve 12. design 13. rough 14. striped 15. design 16. suit 17. fix 18. folded 19. gallery 20. create 21. improvement 22. loose 23. material 24. notice 25. shapes 26. cotton 27. maintaining 28. silk 29. smooth 30. notice 31. style 32. tear 33. tear 34. pattern

Exercise 2. Fill in the gaps with the correct words. Change the word form where necessary.

Employers usually decide within five minutes whether someone is *** for the job…
They were a generation of large, well-nourished, beautiful children with silken hair, *** skin and clear eyes.
Do you prefer plain or *** shirts?

ancient* practical*rough
Knowledge without understanding is of little *** use.
There are many castles, churches, abbeys and *** monuments and public gardens to visit.
Here you meet the Garburn Road, a *** trackway which crosses over the pass.

create* design * stretch
They wanted to *** a machine that was both attractive and practical.
Agatha Christie *** the character Hercule Poirot.
Row after row of orange trees *** to the horizon.

design* gallery* improvement
The car’s *** has been greatly improved.
Our results have shown some *** this month.
The painting is in the *** upstairs.

checked* cotton* loose
For summer, fine *** is more comfortable.
Wear *** clothes as they’re more comfortable.
He wore casual country tweeds and *** shirt which was unusual on Old Year’s Night.

maintain* fold* suit
There’s a range of restaurants to *** all tastes.
The house is large and difficult to ***.
He *** his newspaper and handed it to me.

match* notice* fix
Andrew is *** some shelves in the bedroom.
Your socks don’t ***.
Did you *** him leaving the party early?

material* notice* pattern
The company supplies building *** such as bricks and cement.
I’ve been given *** to quit my flat (=I have been told that I must leave by a certain date).
The carpet was old, with strange *** on it.

pile* shape* silk
Her *** blouse is open at the neck, showing two strands of pearls.
His mother came in carrying a *** of ironing in her arms.
You can recognize a tree by the *** of its leaves.

style* suit* tear
Children have different *** of learning: some learn by seeing, some by hearing, some by doing.
I was wearing my tweed ***.
Your shirt has a *** in it.

tight* tool* sleeve
Wear long *** because short sleeves chop up the body line.
Always wear the right clothing for the activity you choose — clothing worn too *** can hinder circulation.
Doctors depend on accurate diagnostic ***.

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