Dest B1 Unit 33 Phrasal verbs

Unit 33 Phrasal verbs

Exercise 1. Fill in the correct prepositions.

  1. The telephone operator cut us *** before we had finished our conversation
  2. She took *** her spectacles.
  3. Jenny kept filling my glass *** with champagne.
  4. He had his best suit ***.
  5. Do *** your coat or you’ll get cold.
  6. Try *** clothing and shoes to make sure they fit.
  7. You left ***  the best part.
  8. She put *** her coat and went out…
1. off 2. off 3. up 4. on 5. up 6. on 7. out 8. on

Exercise 2. Fill in the correct verbs.

  1. What a lovely dress! Why don’t you *** it on? (in a shop)
  2. He was running around like a chicken with its head *** off. [=he was acting in a very excited and confused way]
  3. I couldn’t see properly. I didn’t *** my glasses on.
  4. If you prefer mild flavours reduce or *** out the chilli…
  5. He sat on the bed to *** his boots off.
  6. Can you help me to *** up my dress?
  7. We must *** up all the buckets we can find.
  8. Kim had forgotten to *** his watch on.
1. try 2. cut 3. have 4. leave 5. take 6. do 7. fill 8. put

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