Dest B1 Unit 33. Prepositional phrases and word patterns

Unit 33. Prepositional phrases and word patterns

Exercise 1. Translate the words in brackets.

  1. The garden is (позади) the house.
  2. The answers are given (в конце) the chapter.
  3. The classic black dress is always (в моде).
  4. She sat down (перед) the mirror and brushed her hair carefully.
  5. The TV station’s name appears (в углу) of the screen.
  6. Marriage seems to be going (из моды).
  7. They were (поражены) the size of the place.
  8. We’re (разочарованы) the new car.
  9. We are (знакомы с) the situation. [=we know about the situation]
  10. I am (вовлечён в) various projects.
  11. Do you have anything (похожее на) this material but cheaper?
  12. The magician made the rope (превратиться в) a ribbon and then (превратиться опять в) a rope.
  13. Jim was (охарактеризован) by his colleagues __‘unusual’.
  14. I (объяснил) the situation ___ my bank manager.
  15. I am often (напоминают о) my former boss.
  16. The area has now been (удалена из) the list of dangerous destinations.
  17. Gayle’s mother said I was a bad (влияние на) her daughter.
  18. There’s a (изображение) his wife above the fireplace.
1. at the back of 2. at the end of 3. in fashion/style 4. in front of 5. out of fashion 6. in the corner 7. amazed at/by 8. disappointed with 9. familiar with 10. similar to 11. involved in 12. change into, change back into 13. described as 14. explained to 15. reminded of 16. removed from 17. influence on 18. picture of

Exercise 2. Fill in the missing prepositions.

  1. The keyboard plugs in __ the back ___ the computer.
  2. Rob’s moving to Maine __ the end ___ September.
  3. Long hair is back ___ fashion for men.
  4. Suddenly, something ran across the road __front __ the car.
  5. There was an old piano __ the corner __ the living room.
  6. These shoes have gone __ __style, but I like them.
  7. I was totally amazed __ the brilliance of her paintings.
  8. I ran the tests on my system and was very disappointed __ the results.
  9. I’m not very familiar __ that area.
  10. It’s best not to involve yourself __ other people’s private affairs.
  11. Her ideas are quite similar __ mine.
  12. A caterpillar changes __ a beautiful butterfly while it’s inside its cocoon.
  13. I would not describe her __ a nice person.
  14. He was unable to explain his conduct __ me.
  15. Gabriel vaguely ([‘veıglı] смутно) reminds me __ my father.
  16. Reference books may not be removed __ the library.
  17. Van Gogh had a major influence __ the development of modern painting…
  18. She drew a picture __ a mushroom on the blackboard.
1. at _of 2. at _of 3. in 4. in_ of 5. in_ of 6. out of 7. by 8. with 9. with 10. in 11. to 12. into 13. as 14. to 15. of 16. from 17. on 18. of

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