Dest B1 Unit 36 Phrasal verbs

Exercise 1. Choose the correct variant.

1. The police ordered him to put down/ out  the gun.
2. A police officer was killed when his car built/blew up.
3. If you don’t express your feelings, frustration and anger can put/build up.
4. After breakfast they played while I cleared/blew up.
5. Without more coal the fire will soon go/put out.
6. We were told to put/keep out of his office.
7. She put the fire out/down by pouring water on it.
8.  I just put up/out new curtains.

1. put down 2. blew up 3. build up 4. cleared up 5. go out 6. keep out 7. put out 8. put up

Exercise 2. Fill in the missing verbs.
1. He was jailed for 45 years for trying to*** up a plane.
2. I’m tired of always having to *** up after you (= tidy your things).
3. She carefully *** the vase down on the table.
4. I just *** up new curtains.
5. Suddenly the candle *** out.
6. *** the cat out of the bedroom.
7. The rescue services are still trying to *** out the fires.
8. These exercises are good for *** up leg strength.

1. blow 2. clear 3. put 4. put 5. went 6. Keep 7. put 8. building

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