Dest B1 Unit 36 Vocabulary to practise

Unit 36

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps with appropriate words.

  1. Hong Kong is an absolutely *** city.
  2. The land next to the harbour is perhaps the most threatened *** habitat in Britain.
  3. Scotland’s *** is too cold for these plants to survive.
  4. Sometimes I killed a ***  animal, and then I had meat to eat.
  5. This area is ideal for a weekend break in unspoilt ***.
  6. There was a roll of ***, and the rain started pelting down.
  7. The government insists that the dam [дамба] will not harm the ***.
  8. Elephants are a protected *** in Indonesia.
  9. Dinosaurs have been *** for millions of years.
  10. The Federal Reserve Bank *** that the economy will grow by 2% this year.
  11. We don’t know how many *** *** there are in each galaxy.
  12. His friends pulled him from the *** water.
  13. More heavy *** are forecast for tonight and for the rest of the week.
  14. Always clear up after a picnic and never drop *** .
  15. English is becoming a *** language.
  16. France was the third country to launch (=send into space) an artificial ***.
  17. A long summer *** had caused most of the crops to die.
  18. A lifeboat came to the yachtsman’s ***.
  19. The bird’s natural diet mainly consists of small ***.
  20. There was a fashion for keeping *** as pets.
  21. Suddenly there was a flash of *** and a roll of thunder.
  22. She died trying to *** her children from the blaze [пламя].
  23. Shreds of plastic, old iron, glass, animal bones *** both sides of the path.
  24. They keep their production costs low and help the environment by *** waste material such as newspapers and household plastic bottles.
  25. As we walked around this pretty little island we were charmed by the friendliness of the *** people.
  26. If we use energy efficiently, we help *** our environment, and save money, too.
  27. Whales use low-frequency calls to *** each other.
  28. The picture shows six of the nine *** in the solar system.
  29. Humans, dogs, elephants and dolphins are all ***, but birds, fish and crocodiles are not.
  30. The ceremony has its *** in medieval times.
  31. It’s a smooth, *** coffee, excellent for finishing off a meal.
  32. My mother insisted on *** me Horace.
  33. Experts are  *** a recovery in the economy.

Exercise 2. Choose the best of the three words to fill in the gaps.

countryside /amazing/ climate

  1. She told me an *** story.
  2. Many people prefer to live where the *** is warm.
  3. Both the town and the surrounding *** are worth exploring.

insects/ litter/ lightning

  1. Toads mainly eat small dark flying ***.
  2. One man died when he was struck by ***…
  3. People who drop *** can be fined in some cities.

environment/ forecast/species

  1. People need to live in harmony with nature and conserve the ***.
  2. About a hundred *** are becoming extinct every day.
  3. The weather *** is better for today.

heatwave /global /freezing

  1. It’s *** in this house. Can’t I turn on the heating?
  2. Removing the heat from the atmosphere will have had an effect on the *** climate.
  3. The demand for water rises sharply during a ***.

located /local/mammal

  1. During the flight set your watch immediately to agree with *** time at your destination.
  2. This luxury hotel is *** a little way out of town, past Reid’s, on the road to Cãmara de Lobos.
  3. The whale then becomes a fine symbol for Melville because it is for him neither fish nor ***.

recycled /preserve /planets

  1. Mercury is the smallest of all the ***.
  2. We must encourage the planting of new trees and *** our existing woodlands.
  3. Metal, paper and glass can be ***.

rescue /reptiles/ rescued

  1. Snakes and crocodiles are ***.
  2. Helicopters *** nearly 20 people from the roof of the burning building…
  3. Storms delayed the *** of the crash victims.

origin /mild/ named

  1. His voice was soft and ***.
  2. Why have you not *** any of your sons after yourself?
  3. Two thirds of the pupils are of Asian ***.

solar system /showers /satellite

  1. The moon is a *** of the Earth.
  2. More heavy *** are forecast for tonight.
  3. Not long ago I had read that each atom was a sort of ***.

thunder / wildlife /species/ wild

  1. Many rainforest *** cannot live anywhere else.
  2. We were woken in the night by ***.
  3. We found some ** strawberries.
  4. The region also has one of the largest concentrations of *** in the world.

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