DestB2 U2 Additional Vocabulary Practice

Fill in the gaps with one word which suits all three sentences. Change the form of the word where necessary.
They went on a long train *** across India.
It’s a day’s *** by car.
It was a difficult *** across the mountains.
We’re going to Paris for the weekend to see the ***.
I always faint at the *** of blood.
The boat disappeared from ***.
Wreckage from the plane was scattered over a wide ***.
The farm and surrounding *** were flooded.
Britain occupies a total *** of 88 798 square miles.
The plane was flying over enemy ***.
The robin keeps other birds off that part of the garden — that’s his ***.
A lion will fearlessly defend its *** and family.
She *** us through the busy streets to the cathedral.
She took her arm and *** her across the busy road.
It’s a dangerous route— you’ll need someone to *** you.
We went on a day *** to the beach.
My wife is away on a business ***.
From London to Oxford and back is a round *** of over a hundred miles.
The police *** to arrest him.
The train *** at the station 20 minutes late.
The new product will *** on supermarket shelves (= be available) early next year.
He was born in Bristol, but he considers London his *** since he’s lived there most of his life.
After graduation she was assigned a job in her ***.
It’s her *** although it’s changed a lot since she was a girl.
She *** a flight to Chicago.
I’d like to *** a table for two for 8 o’clock tonight.
There are few places on the course, so it is essential to *** in advance.
At the time many working men did not earn enough to *** a wife and children.
Residents are not allowed to *** pets.
The documents are all *** under lock and key.
The children usually *** with their grandparents for a week in the summer.
He’s *** with friends this weekend.
My sister’s coming to *** next week.
If I don’t leave now I’ll miss my plane.
The sale prices were too good to miss.
I missed the beginning of the film.
It is difficult to define the *** between love and friendship.
Poland has a common *** with Germany.
Thousands of illegal immigrants cross the *** every day.
I queued for two hours to get a *** to see the football game…
How much is a one-way *** to New York?
I bought a *** for the concert.
He measured the *** and width of the table.
The snake usually reaches a *** of 100 cm.
The maximum *** of stay is seven days; reservations must be requested no earlier than 30 days before travel.
Don’t forget to *** your books with you.
Is it OK if I *** some friends to the party?
Robert asked the waiter to *** him the check.
The female changes colour during the breeding ***.
Air fares are more expensive during the holiday ***.
Autumn is my favourite ***.
In the US, *** is measured in miles.
*** is no problem on the Internet.
The sound can be heard over a *** of more than five miles.
They were all waiting on the starting ***.
Write the title of your essay on the top ***.
The ball went over the ***.
I had to get up early to *** her to the airport.
If he gets any worse I’ll *** him to the doctor’s.
The school bus *** them to school and brings them back…
After a week at sea, it was good to feel the *** beneath our feet again.
I must be the happiest person in the world/on ***!
Mankind has lived on the *** for thousands of years.
Eating too much sugar can *** to health problems.
A path *** to the beach.
You *** the way and we’ll follow.
Don’t put that glass so near the *** of the table.
Be careful— it has a sharp ***.
They built the church on the *** of the village.
Spiders can *** for several days without food.
I *** in a small house near the station.
Women *** longer than men in general.
We went on an all-day *** to the island.
In Bermuda, Sam’s father took him on an *** to a coral barrier.
A very popular day *** is to the Isles of Scilly, either by helicopter or ferry.
Children travel at half ***.
The airline has introduced a cheap *** to New York.
How much is the return/single ***?
Daytime temperatures can *** 40°C.
It took them three hours to *** the shore.
It was almost midnight when I *** home.
The job involves a considerable amount of foreign ***.
The novel is based on his *** in India.
Her interests include music and foreign ***.
What’s wrong with growing some of our own *** plants?
The tiger is *** to India.
Demonstrating the primitive African rhythmic backgrounds of the Blues
was Michael Babatunde Olatunji, who plays such *** drums as the konga.
The *** from the top of the tower was spectacular.
He has an optimistic *** of life.
The rooftop restaurant affords a panoramic *** (= allows you to see a wide area) across the bay.
Someone proposed a motion to increase the membership *** to £500 a year.
Every new student has to pay a registration ***.
Participants must enroll in advance and pay a $ 40 annual membership ***.
He was a young sailor on his first sea ***.
The ship began its return *** to Europe.
The Titanic sank in April 1912 on its maiden *** from Southampton to New York.
Hurry— there’s no time to ***.
Win or ***, the important thing is to remain calm.
I’m trying to *** weight.
The whole *** was waiting for news of the astronauts.
Parents are the most important people in a child’s ***.
French is spoken in many parts of the ***.
I have to *** to Rome on business.
He invited her to *** to the concert with him.
We don’t *** to the cinema very often these days.
This offer is available for a limited *** only.
The picture was painted by Picasso during his blue ***.
Her time at university was the most eventful *** of her life.

1.journey 2.sight/s 3.area 4.territory 6. trip 7.arrive 8.home town 10.keep/kept 11.stay/staying 12. miss/ed 13.border 14.ticket  15.length 16.bring 17.season 18.distance 19.line 20.take/s 22.lead/s 23.edge 25.excursion 26.fare 27.reach/ed 29.native 30.view 31.fee 33.lose 35.go 36.period

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