DestB2 U4 Additional Vocabulary Practice

Fill in the gaps with a word which suits all three sentences. Change the form of the word where necessary.
Meetings are held at monthly ***.
There will be an *** of 20 minutes after the second act.
The *** between major earthquakes might be 200 years.
The *** in the 100m sprint are being asked to take their places at the start.
How many *** took part in the race?
He is the oldest *** in this year’s London Marathon.
He won’t win, but he’ll keep fighting to the ***.
His office is the room at the other *** of the corridor.
We had to hear about the whole journey from beginning to ***.
Waves *** against the cliffs.
I can *** you at swimming.
They saw him *** his dog with a stick.
We love to watch the Olympics — especially the ***.
When did you first get interested in ***, and why did you specialize in long jump?
My daughter wants to compete in ***.
I’ll meet you at the tennis ***.
When she walked onto *** for the final, the crowd went wild.
Do you prefer playing tennis on grass *** or hard ***?
Dan exclaimed; he had been hit in the jaw with a hockey ***, and his lip had swelled [опухла].
A hockey *** is a piece of equipment used in field hockey, ice hockey or roller hockey to move the ball or puck.
Always be ready with two *** as hockey sticks sometimes break.
They cracked him over the head with a baseball ***.
She showed me how to hold the ***.
A *** is a specially shaped piece of wood that is used for hitting the ball in baseball, softball, cricket, rounders, or table tennis.
I was surprised by the abrupt [неожиданный; грубый] *** to the conversation.
It was the perfect *** to the perfect day.
His stories usually have a happy ***.
He spends every weekend out on the golf ***.
We walked the *** the horses would have to run later.
Flags mark the *** the cyclists will be taking.
The players met in last year’s ***.
Scotland met Wales in the *** at Twickenham.
The winners will go on to the regional *** on August 5.
The team is in training for the big ***.
He was playing *** with the dog.
He’s hoping to be fit before next week’s *** with Liverpool.
Graham is a qualified football ***.
He was sent off for arguing with the ***.
The *** whistled and the game was over.
He was an *** singer until the age of 40, when he turned professional.
He’s in charge of wardrobe at the local *** theatre.
*** sports or activities are done by people as a hobby and not as a job.
All the dancers come on stage during the grand ***.
The festival ended with a grand *** of fireworks and music.
The reality show had a thrilling *** last night.
The programme attracted millions of ***.
This programme contains language that some *** might find offensive.
TV *** saw the giant funnel of a tornado speeding across the fields.
At the gun, the runners sprinted away down the ***.
The racing car left the *** at 120 mph and scythed through the crowd of spectators, killing ten.
Stewards will be inspecting the race *** at 9.00.
Kate’s class decided to put on a *** for the school.
The theatre was refused permission to stage the ***.
They are performing a *** by Pinter.
The other skaters were ordered off the ***.
We spent the afternoon at the skating ***.
The hockey team is practicing at the ***.
The official in charge of a hockey match is sometimes called an *** and sometimes a referee .
The ***’s decision is final.
He was given several warnings by the ***.
City were leading 3–0 at ***.
Wes Brown was replaced at *** by Phil Neville to little obvious effect.
Five minutes before *** Wigan came back into the game.
He died right there in the ***.
He will never again be allowed inside a British boxing ***.
He entered the *** wearing his usual outfit.
Both doctors have been charged with *** misconduct (= bad or unacceptable behaviour in their work).
He dealt with the problem in a highly *** way.
Many of the performers were very ***.
He fell into the sea while trying to retrieve a fishing *** and his son-in-law, aged 39, was swept away as he tried to rescue him.
He was given a fishing *** for his birthday.
All we need to complete the look is a pair of red bobble hats and, for Monsieur Roux, a little fishing ***.
The England team failed to *** against Italy on Saturday.
We had several chances to *** in the second half.
Fraser *** again in the second half.
I could never *** an argument with my father.
He *** a scholarship to study at Stanford.
I never *** at cards.
I need to take up a *** to get fit.
We didn’t do much *** at school.
I’d say football is my favourite ***.
A metre *** 39.38 inches.
With his last jump he *** the world record.
His salary *** mine.
After the game fans invaded the ***.
He was the best player on the *** today.
Unfortunately the game was cancelled because of a waterlogged ***.
A *** is an oval-shaped bat with strings across it. Rackets are used in tennis, squash, and badminton.
He threw his *** across the court.
You should restring your *** twice a year.
She hit the ball so hard that her *** had no chance to establish any rhythm in her game.
He drew his sword and turned to face his ***.
The team’s *** are unbeaten so far this season.
The new football stadium will hold 75 000 ***.
The racing car left the track at 120 mph and scythed [зд. врезалась] through the crowd of ***, killing ten.
I wasn’t a participant in the preparations, merely a ***.
England *** their game against France.
England and France *** 3–3.
No prizes for guessing whom he would like to *** in the fifth round today.

1.interval/s 2.competitor/s 3.end 4.beat/beating 5.athletics 6.court/s 7.stick/s 8.bat 9.ending 10.course 13. referee 14.amateur 15.finale 16.viewer/s 17.track 19.rink 20.umpire 21.half time 22.ring 23.professional 24.rod 25.score/d 28.equals/ed 29.pitch 30.racket 31.opponent 32.spectator/S 33.draw/drew

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