Dest B2 U6 Additional Vocabulary Practice

Fill in the gaps with one word which suits all three sentences. Change the form of the word where necessary.

It is difficult to get *** figures on population numbers.
Her novel is an *** reflection of life in post-war Spain.
We hope to become more *** in predicting earthquakes.
There are different *** of doing a thing.
Evening classes are one ***of meeting new people.
What’s the best *** to learn a language?
The main *** of the course is to improve your writing.
My main *** in life is to be a good husband and father.
The leaflet has been produced with the *** of increasing public awareness of the disease.
Students decide if statements are *** or false.
After a couple of days she showed her *** self (=real character).
She’s been a *** friend to me.
Rescuers pulled the child from the river, and she was given *** respiration.
Energy is being wasted by using *** lighting when daylight is adequate.
I try to buy food that is free from *** colours.
It’s not *** for a child of his age to be so quiet.
People say that breast-feeding is better than bottle-feeding because it’s more ***.
Floods and earthquakes are *** disasters.
The Victoria Cross is Britain’s highest military ***.
The restaurant has won several top ***.
She has won numerous *** for her books.
Where does the story ***? [=where is the story set?]
We may never discover what *** that night.
The Olympics *** every four years.
I’m trying to *** how much paint we need.
It’s difficult to *** what effect all these changes will have on the company.
Use the formula to *** the volume of the container.
The pump is powered by a small electric ***.
Our washing machine needs a new ***.
The machine has an electric ***.
Breast cancer is the leading *** of death for American women in their 40s.
His father has good *** to be proud of him.
Police are still investigating the *** of the fire.
Smaller families are a feature of *** society.
The house looks very ***.
Does she study classical ballet or *** ballet?
The teachers try to encourage the *** of independent learning.
Speaking two languages stimulates a child’s social ***.
Regular training is important for professional ***.
I think we should try again using a different ***.
Today’s *** of birth control make it possible for a couple to choose whether or not to have a child.
Which payment *** do you use when travelling?
The body was *** in a field.
His friends were shocked to *** how ill he was.
Who *** America?
Is the washing *** working now?
Could you get me a coffee from the drinks ***?
In the tiger, nature has produced the perfect hunting ***.
We’ve just changed over from gas central heating to ***.
He faces death by the *** chair in a Florida state prison.
The noise from his *** guitar was deafening.
Alexander Graham Bell *** the telephone in 1876.
Who *** the Internet?
I wish television had never been ***!
Email is the short word for *** mail.
Even with a load of *** gadgetry, you still need some musical ability to write a successful song.
This dictionary is available in *** form.
This type of software is widely used in ***.
Agriculture is still a major *** in Scotland.
Shipbuilding and other heavy *** developed in the North of Britain.
He switched off the car’s *** and waited.
I fastened my seat belt and turned on the **.
The van has a 2.5 litre diesel ***.
I don’t want to give you any *** hopes.
The drugs were hidden in a suitcase with a *** bottom.
The man had given a *** name and address.
Scientists *** that smoking reduces life expectancy by around 12 years on average.
They *** (that) the journey will take at least two weeks.
It was difficult to *** how many trees had been destroyed.
There is a large car *** where many of the local people work.
A crowd of protesters had gathered outside the *** gates.
Donna works in a shoe ***.
Many small birds guide themselves by the stars, as has been verified by ***.
The laboratory began conducting *** on rats.
Astronauts performed scientific *** during the flight.
It’s a good idea to do some *** before you buy a house.
They are planning to undertake *** into the genetic causes of the disease.
A recent piece of *** shows why marriages break up.
The police are disappointed by the slow *** of the investigation.
There has been significant *** in controlling heart disease.
They watched the ship’s slow *** through the heavy seas.
If any of these symptoms *** while you are taking the medicine, consult your doctor immediately.
Many suicides *** in prisons.
Violence of some sort seems to *** in every society.
She was in constant *** pain.
We all know about the health benefits of *** activity.
There was nothing unusual about her *** appearance.
Your watch just needs cleaning and it’ll be as good as ***.
Learning a *** language is always a challenge.
Living in the city was a *** experience for Philip.
People give different *** for wanting to change jobs.
The *** I called was to ask about the plans for Saturday.
There is no *** to panic.
The school has a system of *** and punishments to encourage good behaviour.
Parents often give their children *** for passing exams.
They have to work very hard for very little ***.


1.accurate 2. way/s 3. aim 4. true 5. artificial 6. natural 7. award/s 8. take/took place 9. calculate 10. motor 11. cause 12. modern 13. development 14. method/s 15. discover/ed 16. machine 17. electric 18. invented 19. electronic 20. industry 21. engine 22. false 23. estimate 24. factory 25. experiment 26. research 27. progress 28. occur 29. physical 30. new 31. reason/s 32. reward/s

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