Dest B2 U8 Additional Vocabulary Practice

Think of a word which can be used in all three sentences.

I know it was you I saw, so there’s no use trying to *** it.
If anyone accuses me I shall simply *** it.
No one would *** that there is a very great need for change.

She ***d to accept that there was a problem.
I politely ***d their invitation.
The job offer was simply too good to ***.

I agree with her analysis of the situation.
We agreed (that) the proposal was a good one.
They said she didn’t look well and I had to agree.

It was pouring with rain so I ***ed his offer of a lift.
He ***ed all the changes we proposed.
Most scientists *** that climate change is linked to pollution.

The scandal was in the ***s for several days.
I just had time to scan the ***s before leaving for work.
The hospital hit the ***s when a number of suspicious deaths occurred.

If you don’t put a *** at the top of your work, no one will know what it is.
All the other jobs can go under the *** ‘Miscellaneous’ on your list.
This can be done even if book titles are currently displayed in the same font as, say, section ***.

The paper ran a *** on/about urban violence.
See our Health Matters *** on page 80 for more information.
The Bookseller will publish a special *** on new and forthcoming computer books in its issue of 26th March.

Have you seen that *** about young fashion designers?
A leading *** in ‘The Times’ accused the minister of lying.
He always clips and saves ***s about people he knows.

Radio *** ***s have been besieged with callers expressing outrage on the subject.
She asked the actor to appear on her *** ***.
I also discovered that being a guest on a *** *** is pretty nerve-racking.

Every week, Jonathon records a new edition of the *** *** The Movie Game (BBC1, Weds).
A couple of months back he appeared on a Channel Four *** *** called Fifteen to One.
A horse may lick its lips if it is nervous, like an anxious contestant on a television *** ***!

A *** *** is a television show in which contestants compete for prizes by playing games of knowledge or chance.
*** ***s are television programmes on which people play games in order to win prizes.
The chorus of televisions was tuned to an American *** *** in which competing families were leaping up and down and screaming with apparent incontinence because they had won a trip to Disneyworld.

The radio *** said it was nine o’clock…
He works part-time as an *** for a local radio station.
The racetrack *** said that the next race was about to start.

He’s one of the great sports ***s of our time.
After retiring, he became a radio *** on cricket and rugby and also wrote about both sports for Sunday newspapers.
He will also be a political *** for Fox News Channel.

I despair when I read what passes for news in some of the ***s.
You shouldn’t believe everything you read in the ***s.
He doesn’t want this story to get into the grubby hands of the *** press.

A *** is a newspaper printed on a large size of paper, generally considered more serious than smaller newspapers.
It is now available in both tabloid and *** format.
In Britain, the ***s are generally believed to be more serious than the tabloids.

She was warned against speaking to ***s about the affair.
Several non-embedded ***s were killed in the attack.
The government has refused to allow foreign ***s into the area for several weeks.

A *** is a writer of a column in a publication, such as a newspaper.
The gossip ***s ran the story as fact without checking the source.
Dan Dorfman, the influential financial ***, was fired by Money magazine, the magazine’s managing editor said Wednesday.

The story was reported in the *** and on television.
Unlike the American, the British *** operates on a national scale.
Someone must have alerted the press that she was going to be there.

Some blame the *** for propagating negative stereotypes.
There is a perception that the government controls the ***.
You can refer to television, radio, newspapers, and magazines as the ***.

What time is that *** on?
Which *** do you want to watch?
In today’s ***, we’ll be giving you advice on how to manage your money.

I lost half a morning’s work when the *** crashed.
The developer is no longer supporting this DOS ***.
My computer has a *** which corrects my spelling.

I changed ***s when the news came on.
Last year, the company launched its own TV ***.
This *** broadcasts 24 hours a day.

We watched a live *** of the speech (= one shown at the same time as the speech was made)
The president gave a radio *** to mark the end of the war.
A *** is a programme, performance, or speech on the radio or on television.

More details will be given in our next news ***.
The television/radio program was interrupted for a news ***.
A *** is a short news report on the radio or television.

We interrupt this programme to bring you a ***.
A *** is an important item of news that television or radio companies broadcast as soon as they receive it, often interrupting other programmes to do so.
There was a *** at nine to say that the rescue party had reached the injured man and were now returning to the surface, and then nothing until almost midnight.

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