Vocabulary in contrast to U8 DestB2

Choose the correct word. Change the form of the word where necessary.

1. deny/refuse
She *** all the charges that have been made against her.
Workers should be entitled to *** to work under these conditions.

2. agree/accept
We couldn’t *** what to do.
Sam *** her explanation without question.

3. headline/heading
The story was seized on by the tabloid press, who printed it under huge ***.
Mention your sources at the end, under the *** ‘Bibliography’.

4. article/feature
In February 1990, the well-known US computer journal, ‘Byte’, ran a special *** on multimedia.
She admitted she was wrong in an *** in the newspaper.

5. talk show/quiz show/game show
Some one who’s brilliant on the cinema screen isn’t necessarily a good *** *** guest.
The returning comedy *** *** is again hosted by Stephen Fry, a man who disdained the offer of succeeding Angus Deayton on Have I Got News for You.

6. announcer/commentator
The station *** warned us that the train was running late.
Parcells, the former New York Giants coach, later became a sports *** on television.

7. tabloid/broadsheet
The story was seized on by the *** press, who printed it under huge headlines.
The ‘Daily Telegraph’ is a *** newspaper.

8. journalist/columnist
The minister pushed past the waiting ***, refusing to speak to them.
Gossip *** from the local papers wrote about them.

9. press/media
There was no mention of the incident in the national ***.
The mass *** has helped to call attention to environmental issues.
The event was given wide *** coverage.

10. programme/program
It’s my favourite TV *** — I never miss an episode.
Double-click on the icon to start the ***.

11. channel/broadcast
We really don’t need a dedicated sports *** as we don’t watch much sport.
Did you hear the *** of last night’s game?

12. bulletin/newsflash
Our next *** is at 10.30 p.m.
‘We interrupt this broadcast,’ said an announcer, fading out José Iturbi, ‘to bring you an important ***’

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