DestB2 U10 Additional Vocabulary Practice

Think of a word which can be used in all three sentences.

I have quite a good *** with my parents.
She has a close *** with her daughter.
I have established a good working *** with my boss.

The *** between smoking and cancer is well known.
There is a *** between pollution and the death of trees.
Students often see little *** between school and the rest of their lives.

The government will have to take the *** for the riots.
Why do I always get the *** for everything that goes wrong?
I always get the *** for his mistakes!

Why should I say sorry when it’s not my ***?
She believes that the product’s poor image is partly the *** of the press.
I didn’t sleep well that night, but it was my own ***.

Some of the houses around here are very ***.
The car’s getting *** now, and things are starting to go wrong with it.
That story’s as *** as the hills (=extremely old).

People have lived in this valley since *** times.
History, *** and modern, has taught these people an intense distrust of their neighbours.
Archaeologists are excavating the ruined temples of this *** civilization.

He pushed his way through the ***.
We all like to think we stand out from the *** (= are different from and better than other people).
Police had to break up the ***.

The *** was/were clapping for 10 minutes.
An *** of millions watched the wedding on TV.
He was trying to convince his *** of his seriousness.

Come on, why aren’t you dancing? *** yourselves!
I used to *** going to the theatre, but I don’t get much opportunity now.
Young children *** helping around the house.

I did it to *** my parents.
You can’t *** everyone.
Employees and supervisors are ***d with the results from the new conveyor system.

I felt a sense of betrayal when my friends refused to *** me.
He has a wife and four children to ***.
My starting salary as a newly qualified teacher wasn’t enough to *** a family.

We will *** you in finding somewhere to live.
We’ll do all we can to *** you.
Some of the guests ***ed with the preparation of the food.

He’s a *** and helpful person.
She may seem quite stern at times, but she has a *** heart.
A *** old woman took the cat in and nursed it back to health.

Please be *** to our guests.
If you just go and ask in a *** way, you might get what you want.
In Western culture, it is *** to maintain eye contact during conversation.

I did not feel at all *** towards Kate.
She was very *** when I was sick.
He was a *** and supportive husband.

Bobby was a *** kid with an angelic face.
Ian is very *** and has always had lots of friends.
The only *** character in the whole movie is Judge White.

I felt really *** before the interview.
Sit down— you’re making me ***!
There were a few *** giggles from people in the audience.

She gets very ** when she’s tired.
It is his illness that makes him ***.
Someone who is *** is not very cheerful and gets angry easily.

He’s very *** to other people’s feelings.
Her experiences had made her *** to other people’s troubles.
Teenagers are often very *** about their appearance.

The *** thing would be to take a taxi home.
In the state I was in, this seemed a perfectly *** remark.
Her advice was extremely ***.

She enjoys her own *** (= being by herself) when she is travelling.
He’s nervous in the *** of his colleagues.
Those children don’t know how to behave in ***.

The proportion of single parent families varies between different income ***s.
Local parents have formed an action *** to campaign for better road safety.
A large *** of people had collected outside the building.

Skiing has become very *** recently.
This is one of our most *** designs.
Seaside holidays are always ***.

He became internationally *** for his novels.
She was more *** as a writer than as a singer.
The school was made *** by its association with Charles Dickens.

The weather at the moment is not *** for July.
You must not take this attitude as *** of English people.
Each woman was asked to describe a *** working day.

They asked me why I wanted the job and why I thought I was suitable — you know, the *** thing.
It’s *** for the man to propose marriage.
This kind of behaviour is far from *** in children of this age.

I lead a very *** life.
Poetry differs from *** language.
She doubted that, in *** circumstances, the two would have got on well together.

Jo is a very *** friend.
She is very *** to her father.
They were *** friends in high school, but they’ve since grown apart.

I left the box *** the door.
Only *** relations [=sisters, brothers, parents, etc.] were invited to the wedding.
In those days, it was a community and most people knew their *** neighbours well.

An *** terrorist group has claimed responsibility for this morning’s bomb attack.
The director took a calculated risk in giving the film’s main role to an *** actor.
Her music was previously *** outside of Asia.

The list included the *** George Drake, a double murderer.
He’s *** for his bigoted sense of humour.
This area is *** for drugs and prostitution.

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