Beware of thieves!

Choose the correct definition:

Word Definition
  1. thief
a. someone who steals a car and drives it very fast for fun
  1. burglar
b. a member of an armed group of thieves who travel around attacking people in country areas
  1. robber
c. someone who breaks into shops or homes and steals things, after there has been a natural disaster, a war, or a violent protest
  1. shoplifter
d. someone who steals from banks, offices, houses etc, especially using threats or violence
  1. pickpocket
e. someone who steals things from a person or place
  1. mugger
f. someone who goes into houses, offices etc to steal things
  1. joyrider
g. someone who steals from people’s pockets, especially in a crowded public place
  1. looter
h. someone who hunts animals, birds etc illegally on other people’s land
  1. bandit
i. a thief who violently attacks someone in the street and robs them
  1. poacher
j. someone who takes things from shops without paying for them, especially by hiding them in their clothes or in a bag


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Complete the sentences by using one of the synonyms of the word «thief». The answers are in white.

The thief grabbed her handbag and ran off down the street.
Police pursued the teenage joyriders across three counties.Burglars broke into the house and took a computer worth £1,000.
The store has installed hidden cameras to catch shoplifters.
Look out for pickpockets in busy tourist areas.
The village was attacked by a gang of bandits.
Armed robbers broke into a jeweller’s through a hole in the wall.
The mugger punched him in the face and tried to steal his wallet.
Police chiefs have warned that looters will be shot.
Their job is to prevent poachers from killing the elephants.

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