Dest B2 Unit 26 Phrasal verbs

Exercise 1
Fill in the gaps with the appropriate phrasal verbs

  1. The idea of glasses being a fashion item has been slow to ___ on.
  2. People thought that the use of robots would ___ away with boring low-paid factory jobs.
  3. ___ up a list of all the things you want to do.
  4. He went to the party ___ up as a Chicago gangster.
  5. I’ll ___ over the explanation of how it works
  6. The poems ___out of her disturbed imagination.
  7. These skills have been ___ down from generation to generation.
  8. He ___ us all up in the corridor.
  9. They sent someone to ___ me around the new offices.
  10. He sat on the bed to ___ his boots off.
  11. I ___ up all the photos of my old boyfriend.
  12. What a lovely dress! Why don’t you ___ it on?
  13. My boots are beginning to ___ out.
  14. I have to ___ into the drugstore for some shampoo.

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