What motivates you?

Among different kinds of motivation can you define what motivates you?

Let’s have a look at two types of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. Compare and choose.

intrinsic /ɪntrɪnsɪk/
If something has intrinsic value or intrinsic interest, it is valuable or interesting because of its basic nature or character, and not because of its connection with other things. (FORMAL)

Intrinsic motivation means that you have interest in what you are doing and you get satisfaction, say, inner satisfaction, from the activity you are engaged in. The activity is interesting and satisfying in itself.

extrinsic /ɪkstrɪnzɪk, AM -sɪk/
Extrinsic reasons, forces, or factors exist outside the person or situation they affect. (FORMAL)
= external
≠ intrinsic

For example, you are eager to get a reward for what you are doing or you want to avoid punishment for not doing what is required by your administration or authorities.

Have you decided yet which one is yours?

I’m sure, your motivation is intrinsic and that fact really values because you are rightly motivated.

To motivate your students, share the story of your interest, incorporate them in the learning experience and spark their curiosity in the subject matter.

You are more sure to engage them in what you are doing by creating free-of-grade lessons and encouraging their interest by what motivates them, including games in your course, for example. Support their interest, give accent to their progress. Then success, I think, will be near.

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