The Secret Garden. Chapter 6

Before listening

the rain was streaming down in torrents дождь лил как из ведра
litter зд. помёт лисы
tame приручать
soot сажа, копоть
resent негодовать, возмущаться; обижаться
tumble about метаться, скакать, мелькать
look perplexed выглядеть ошеломлённым, недоумевающим; сбитым с толку, растерянным
live a luxurious life вести роскошную жизнь
shining brass and pewter сверкающая медная и оловянная посуда
abundant meals обильный приём пищи
a great deal of lively romping went on поднималась шумная возня
good sense здравый ум
sharp сообразительный
fair soft простоватый; придурковатый, слабоумный
tapestry гобелен; затканная от руки материя; декоративная ткань
mahout инд. погонщик слонов
was obliged to ramble up and down была вынуждена ходить бесцельно вверх и вниз
fretful, childish whine горестный, жалобный детский вой
accidentally случайно; нечаянно, без умысла
startled испуганный
to grind (ground) the teeth скрежетать зубами
cushion диванная подушка




After listening

Fill in the missing prepositions

1. When Mary looked ___ of her window one day the moor was almost hidden by gray mist and cloud.
2. The crow is named Soot because it’s so black, and it hops and flies about ___ him everywhere.
3. Mary was most attracted ___ the mother and Dickon.
4. She was not troubled ___ Mrs. Medlock.
5. Mary’s meals were served regularly, and Martha waited ___ her, but no one troubled themselves about her in the least.
6. She had often been tired ___ her company.
7. She was thinking ___ the new idea which had come to her when she heard of the library.
8. She found herself in one long gallery whose walls were covered ____ these portraits.
9. Mary had seen carved ivory in India and she knew all ___ elephants.
10. The bright eyes belonged ___ a little gray mouse.
11. Mrs. Medlock was coming up it with her bunch of keys in her hand and a very cross look ___ her face.
12. She took Mary ___ the arm and pulled her away.
13. She quite hated Mrs. Medlock ___ the moment, but she hated her more the next.

1. out 2. with 3. by 4. about 5. on 6. of 7. over 8. with 9. about 10. to 11. on 12. by 13. at


1. The next day the weather was nice and sunny. {F}
2. Dickon once found a little fox cub half drowned in its hole and he brought it home. {T}
3. Mary began to find Martha’s talk interesting and to be sorry when she stopped or went away. {T}
4.  Martha told Mary about fourteen people who lived in luxury in fourteen  spacious rooms in the cottage. {F}
5.  Mary could neither knit nor sew. {T}
6.  The girl made up her mind to go and find the library herself. {T}
7.  Now she was followed by nobody and was learning to dress herself. {T}
8.  In one of the rooms Mary found a family of seven little grey rats. {F}
9.  The girl got lost in the big house and while she was standing in the corridor thinking that she had taken a wrong turning again, the stillness was broken by the sound of crying. {T}
10 .Mrs. Medlock was happy to show Mary the way to her room. {F}

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