«Friends» by Aura Dione

Признаюсь честно, песня Ауры Дион «Friends» одна из моих самых любимых современных песен. Эта песня — хит 2012-2013 годов. Именно она в свое время натолкнула меня на мысль использования современных песен на уроках английского и создания тематической подборки популярных песен для уроков в средних и старших классов. Поэтому, конечно же, не могу не предложить поработать над нею в 7, 9 или 10 классах при прохождении темы «Friends and Friendship» (Form 7 Unit 3, Form 9 Unit 2 , Form 10 Unit 1).

Before Listening

Предложите ученикам послушать начало песни (первые 20 секунд проигрыш без слов) и угадать, что это за песня и кто исполнитель.

Listen to the beginning of the song and try to guess, what song is it and who’s the singer.

Maria Louise Joensen (born January 21, 1985 in Copenhagen, Denmark), professionally known as Aura Dione, is a multi-platinum selling Danish recording artist of Faroese, Spanish, French and Danish origin. In 2008 she released her debut album, Columbine. After winning the European Border Breaker Award in 2011, Aura won Best Female Artist and Hit of the Year for Geronimo in the Danish Music Awards 2012 and Female Artist of the Year in 2013; she is one of Denmark’s top two female recording artists and one of Germany’s top three. Now living in LA, Aura is currently in the studio recording new material with some of the world’s most prestigious producers. Her new album is set for release in 2014 and will be the first release available outside central and Eastern Europe.

«Friends» is a song by Danish singer-songwriter Aura Dione from her second studio album, Before the Dinosaurs (2012). The song features American production team Rock Mafia who co-wrote the song with Dione and David Jost. Dione wrote the song to let her friends know how precious they are to her. «Friends» was released as the album’s second single on March 2, 2012. It became Dione’s third top ten hit in her native Denmark, where it peaked at number six. «Friends» also became a top ten hit in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. (Wikipedia)

While Listening


Friends (Aura Dione feat.Rock Mafia)

1. Listen and circle the word you hear

Free, free to be oneself — myself
Free to need some time — prime
Free to need some help — yelp
So I’m reaching baby, shout — out

When I’m lonely in the crowd — proud
When the silence gets too loud — allowed
I’ll be crashing on your couch — touch

And even if I never met — forget you baby
Tonight I’m gonna let — get your memory baby
So — Go, always said I know

2. Listen and order the lines in the refrain

(1) Well at least I got my friends
(…) If I never fall in love again
(…) But at least I got my friends
(…) They got my back until the end
(…) Saving me from the sharks
(…) At least I got my friends, got my friends, got my friends, got my friends
(…) Like a lifeboat in the dark
(…) Well at least I got my friends
(…) Share a rain coat in the wind
(…) Even though I got a broken heart

3. Listen and complete the missing words:

I don’t wanna_____, I just wanna ____
I just wanna ____, yeh
So pour another round
And throw it back until it’s ____
Let’s get ____until it’s found,
Again and ______.

And even if I never forget you ____
Tonight I’m gonna let your ______baby
Go, always said I _____


4. Listen and match the parts of the lines

1) And when the world   A) myself and I
2) The sky is                  B) I never feel alone
3) They always              C) have to try,
4) It feels like                 D) is upside down, yeah
5) And I never                E) come around,
6) I can be                     F) full of clouds yeah
7) Never alone,              G) home, like home


After Listening

1) True friends… What are they? Find in the song and read.

2) What is a good friend, in your opinion?

3) Have you got true friends? How many? What are they like?

Key: 1. myself, time, help, out, crowd, loud, couch, forget, let, go; 2. 1, 4, 5, 3, 7, 9, 6, 10, 2, 8; 3. think, feel, dream, down, lost, again, baby, memory, know; 4.  1) D, 2) F, 3)  E, 4) G, 5) C, 6) A, 7 ) B.

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