Dest B1 Unit 36 WF

Unit 36

centre circle danger deep destroy fog garden invade nature pollute
  1. There is a lack of trust towards the *** government in Rome. [CENTER]

  2. Place your hands on your shoulders and move your elbows up, back, and down, in a *** motion. [CIRCLE]

  3. It’s *** to jump to early conclusions. [DANGER]

  4. Our meetings and conversations left me *** depressed… [DEEP]

  5. We felt at home with her and were impressed with the *** of her knowledge… [DEEP]

  6. The floods brought death and *** to the area. [DESTROY]

  7. What is good for the individual can be *** to the family. [DESTRUCT]

  8. It was too *** to drive anywhere. [FOG]

  9. From the mid-1850s Milner worked as an independent landscape ***. [GARDEN]

  10. He is married with three children and enjoys *** and cricket. [GARDEN]

  11. Is reading a child’s diary always a gross *** of privacy? [INVADE]

  12. The city was attacked by *** from the north. [INVADE]

  13. Anger is the *** reaction we experience when we feel threatened or frustrated. [NATURE]

  14. When things go wrong, all of us *** feel disappointed and frustrated… [NATURE]

  15. The level of *** in the river was falling. [POLLUTE]

  16. The police have warned the city’s inhabitants not to bathe in the *** river. [POLLUTE]

  17. He is an exceptional footballer—an ***. [ART]

  18. John is very ***[ART]

  19. Put away any valuable or *** objects. [BREAK]

  20. The two of them had an *** bond of friendship. [BREAK]

  21. I had to write a *** about the Royal visit. [COMPOSE]

  22. Purcell, Vivaldi and Telemann were among his favourite classical ***. [COMPOSE]

  23. She never agreed to the public *** of her sculptures while she was still alive. [EXHIBIT]

  24. We do not have the *** to do just what we like. [FREE]

  25. The boy picked up a *** of stones and started throwing them at us. [HAND]

  26. I turned the *** and found the door was open. [HAND]

  27. Did you hear that noise, or was it my ***? [IMAGINE]

  28. You’ll need to be a little more *** if you want to hold their attention. [IMAGINE]

  29. Dennis always seeks *** in his girlfriends. [PERFECT]

  30. *** cannot be measured just by exam results. [INTELLIGENT]

  31. We live in an *** world…  [PERFECT]

  32. Behind any successful event lay months of ***. [PREPARE]

  33. He was a *** by trade. [BAKE]

  34. The driver of a steam-driven wagon was unloading warm loaves of bread fresh from the ***. [BAKE]

  35. Lee *** and kissed her. [BEND]

  36. I threw a blanket over the *** to smother the flames. [COOK]

  37. I had basic *** lessons at school. [COOK]

  38. I’m sorry I hurt you, but it wasn’t ***. [INTEND]

  39. We have no *** of giving up. [INTEND]

  40. A few people were *** in the park. [JOG]

  41. The *** ran off to call the Police. [JOG]

  42. Children sometimes miss school because of *** appointments. [MEDICINE]

  43. She finds it too *** to return there without him. [PAIN]

  44. There must be more *** ways of raising money. [PAIN]

  45. Cleaner fuel has contributed to a *** in air pollution. [REDUCE]

  46. The *** thing is to leave them alone. [SENSE]

  47. It’s made me much more *** to the needs of the disabled. [SENSE]

  48. I’m lucky really as I never put on ***… [WEIGH]

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