Atlantica «Shopping»

Копилку популярных современных англоязычных песен для использования на уроках английского языка в средних и старших классах пополняет песня группы «Atlantica». Разработка  к песне группы «Atlantica» «Shopping» предназначается для работы над соответствующей темой в 7 классе (Unit 2).

Before Listening

A. Поработайте с учащимися над пословицами, поговорками или высказываниями знаменитых людей на тему «Shopping», используя приемы описанные мною в ранее в одной из статей.

B. Спросите учащихся, что они знают о белорусском дуэте «Atlantica».

Belarusian group «Atlantica» is created in 2003 by Alex David (composer, vocalist, producer) and Pavel Baranovsky (lyrics author, producer). The first single: “Behind The Destiny”. Released in December, 2003. The single immediately rockets to the top positions in national radio charts. The second radio-single by ATLANTICA, “Strangers” (released in February, 2004) repeated the success of it’s’ predecessor. In June, 2004 ATLANTICA is signed by “West Records”, the leading Belarusian major-label. Shortly after, ATLANTICA’s first self-titled mini-album followed. In Fall, 2004 ATLANTICA, being among the leading pop-acts in their home country, gains international recognition due to cooperation with RADIO VENTURES Inc. (USA), one of the biggest music distribution networks. Since then, ATLANTICA has been broadcast by dozens of radio-stations all over the globe, including BBC1. (for more facts see official site of the group)

While Listening

Atlantica — Shopping

1. Cross the word you don’t hear in the song

She’s got ten thousand things/rings
And even such/much more
(Ain’t) no wealthy/healthy man
She can adore/ignore
‘Cause every day/weekend she needs
To go shopping/jogging

There is no party chat/that
She’s going to miss/kiss
All high class drunks/hunks
Are worth her kiss/lips
‘Cause every day/weekend she needs
To go shopping/jogging
To go shop-shopping/jo-jogging

2. Match the parts of the lines in the refrain

1. You know she      A. be your family, maybe
2. Oh, yeah! She     B. make your dreams for diamond rings.
3. You know she’ll   C. needs your kiss
4. Oh, yeah! She’ll   D. badly needs you, baby

3. Unscramble sentences, then listen and check

got thousand she’s whims ten
to for you pay for
adore thousand you ten will tricks
needs every cause she weekend
shopping go to

enough are you tough if
hurricane this for
feel make a man she’ll again you
weekend a someday cause on
shopping she’ll stop
stop she’ll shop-shopping

After Listening

A. Vocabulary. Match words from the song with their definition:

1. adore 2. ignore 3. whim 4. trick 5. wealthy 6. hunk 7. tough

a) not easily influenced, as a person; unyielding; stubborn; b) having great wealth; rich; affluent; c) to refrain from noticing or recognizing; d) the art or knack of doing something skillfully; e) a sudden, passing, and often fanciful idea; impulsive or irrational thought; f) to like or admire very much; g) (slang)  a well-built, sexually attractive man.

B. Discussion: The most of women like shopping and the most of men don’t like it. Do you agree with this statement and why?

Keys: 1. rings, such, healthy, adore, day, jogging;

2.  1D, 2C, 3A, 4B;

3. She’s got ten thousand whims
For you to pay for
Ten thousand tricks you will adore
Cause every weekend she needs
To go shopping

If you are tough enough
For this hurricane
She’ll make you feel a man again
Cause on a weekend someday
She’ll stop shopping
She’ll stop shop-shopping

After Listening/Vocabulary: 1f, 2c, 3e, 4d, 5b, 6g, 7a.

Послушать и скачать песню можно здесь.

Текст песни смотрите на официальном сайте группы в альбоме «Heavenly».

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