Dest B1 Unit 39 Vocabulary Practice

Use your active vocabulary from Unit 39 and fill in the gaps.

I was listening to an *** programme on the radio, which made me laugh out loud.
After a while her coughing really began to *** me.
I try to have a healthy, positive *** to life.
People *** according to their own understanding of situations.
As Aunt Matilde’s pain grew worse, she became too *** to see anyone.
The playground *** used to take our dinner money off us.
It is important to keep *** in an emergency.
How do people *** New Year in your country?
As you move north, the landscape takes on a different ***.
She became severely *** after her mother’s death.
My most *** moment was trying to introduce a woman whose name I couldn’t remember.
My mother was overcome with *** and burst into tears.
A small but *** crowd cheered as the players ran onto the field.
Emma ***her back when she fell off her horse.
I got the *** that he didn’t like me much.
I’d be *** if you could help me.
The *** man was taken to hospital.
When I’m feeling *** I go shopping and spoil myself — a couple of new dresses always make me feel better.
Were you *** today at school or did you obey the teacher?
The field was full of *** children running around.
It was *** of him to hold the door for them.
She slapped him and called him names, but he didn’t ***.
We *** to inform you that your application has not been successful.
She expressed her *** at the decision.
You look *** in that hat!
Why don’t you ever give me flowers? I wish you’d be more ***.
The man in the car in front made a *** gesture.
Whatever you do, don’t lose your sense of ***.
She was too *** to ask anyone for help.
People under a lot of *** may experience headaches, minor pains and sleeping difficulties.
Did I tell you the *** about the chicken crossing the road?
I’m sorry— I didn’t mean to *** you.
The incident had left him visibly angry and ***.
Sometimes the older girls *** us and made us give them our sweets.

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