Dest B1 Unit 21 Prepositional Phrases and Word Patterns

Fill in the missing prepositions.

They communicate with each other *** e-mail.
When you phone someone, you dial their phone number and speak to them *** phone.
You will be notified *** letter.
I looked it up *** the Internet.
Was there anything interesting *** the news this evening?
If you say that someone is *** the phone, you mean that they are speaking to someone else by phone.
Did you hear the interview with him *** the radio?
After dinner we watched a film *** TV.
Stratford police refuse to comment *** whether anyone has been arrested.
Dolphins use sound to communicate *** each other.
I only had time to glance *** the newspapers.
I received a phone call *** your mother.
She didn’t reply *** my question.
She was sent *** prison for two years.
If you’re having trouble at school, let’s sit down and talk *** it.
Gerry wants to talk *** his girlfriend before he makes a decision.
I remember the day when they told me *** it.
The book has been translated *** the Japanese by Livia Yamaguchi.
She works for the EU, translating *** English *** French.
He hopes to write a book *** his experiences one day.
Do you have any information *** local buses?
Just before Easter, I received a letter *** a series of television advertisements.

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