Dest B1 Unit 24 Prepositional Phrases and Word Patterns

Появляющиеся в последнее время упражнения к Destination B1 — это доработка недостающих тем для курса Bridge to English на сайте ДО. По этой причине ответы не пишу, так как эти же упражнения в виде тестов включены в курс на сайте. Но если вы, коллеги, используете данное пособие, то вероятно, заметили, что ответы проверить очень легко: я не изменяла порядок примеров. Сверяйтесь с пособием.

It’s *** the law (= illegal) to leave children under a certain age alone in the house.
In Sweden it is *** the law to hit a child.
He left school *** the age of 18.
He rarely appears *** public these days.
Her husband was always nice to her *** public.
I am writing in response *** your letter dated March 11th.
I have been trying to get *** touch with her all day.
She began writing poetry *** her teens .
The passengers grew angry *** the delay.
Local people are very angry *** the plans to close another hospital.
No one believed him guilty *** this terrible crime.
She accused him *** lying.
Police are blaming the accident *** dangerous driving.
I don’t blame Jack *** the mistake.
He has been criticized *** incompetence.
I’d completely forgotten *** the money he owed me.
I’ll never forgive her *** what she did.
Have you been invited *** their party?
They will be severely punished *** their crimes.
Sue shares a house *** three other students.
He smiled *** her, and she smiled back.

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