Dest B1 Unit 15 Vocabulary practice

Дополнительное упражнение на употребление лексики к Unit 15 Destination B1.

Use your active vocabulary from Unit 15 and fill in the gaps.

Dirty streets and homelessness are no *** for a prosperous society.
None of them could *** £50 for a ticket.
The car was a *** at that price.
Which *** of toothpaste do you use?
An illustrated *** accompanies the exhibition.
My dad always used to carry a lot of loose/small *** (= coins) in his pocket.
They flipped/tossed a *** to see who should go first.
A new computer system has been installed at a *** of £80 000.
The shop is giving away a sample pack to every ***.
We were poor but we never got into ***.
She *** an immediate explanation.
The islands *** sugar and fruit.
Coffee is the country’s biggest ***.
There is no entrance *** to the gallery.
She inherited the family ***.
We *** a large number of cars from Japan.
Germany, however, insists on restrictions on the *** of Polish coal…
We can *** your money tax-free abroad.
I finally managed to *** a copy of the report.
How much do I *** you for the groceries?
Do you *** your house or do you rent it?
He sold his house at a huge ***.
The youths were convicted of defacing public ***.
If you are not satisfied with your *** we will give you a full refund.
People wishing to *** advance tickets should ring our booking line.
Make sure you are given a *** for everything you buy.
These pets *** a lot of care and attention.
Can you tell me if this dress is in the ***?
You should *** a little each week.
It is important to *** a software package that suits your requirements.
Hurry, as we only have a limited *** of these TVs in stock!
I was impressed by the *** of dishes on offer.
These meetings are a complete *** of time.

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