Possessive Pronouns

Some exercises to practise the usage of possessive pronouns. Elementary Level.

Exercise 1. Open the brackets using the correct forms of the possessive pronouns

1. We are Ann and Mary. And this is (we) room.
2. This is Jack. And this is (he) bike.
3. I am Tina. And this is (I) rabbit.
4. This is Jenny. And this is (she) sister.
5. These are pupils. And these are (they) books.
6. Hello, Mark! Is this (you) car?

Exercise 2. Choose sentences with the same meaning

1. John has got a T-shirt.
a) It’s his T-shirt.
b) The T-shirt is his.
c) This is our T-shirt.
d) It’s her T-shirt.

2. Poline has got a necklace.
a) It’s ours.
b) It’s her necklace.
c) The necklace is hers.
d) This is his necklace.

3. Mr. and Mrs. Brown have got a car.
a) The car is theirs.
b) It’s their car.
c) It’s your car.
d) The car is ours.

4. Oliver has got a dog.
a) It’s his dog.
b) The dog is his.
c) It’s mine.
d) This is our dog.

5. Linda has got a dress.
a) It’s her dress.
b) The dress is his.
c) The dress is hers.
d) It’s his dress.

6. Helen has got a shop.
a) It’s her shop.
b) This is their shop.
c) This is my shop.
d) The shop is hers.

Exercise 3. Change the words in brackets

1. (We) lessons begin at 2 p.m.
2. Can I take (you) pen?
3. She invited me to (she) birthday party.
4. Is the book on the table (you)?
5. An old friend of (I) is going to visit me.
6. He always keeps (he) promise.

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