Промежуточный контроль. Form 5 Card 10

Десятая карточка для промежуточного контроля в 5 классе является первой карточкой из набора для Unit 4 (Special days). Карточка содержит традиционно задания как по лексике, так и по грамматике. Лексическому материалу посвящены первое и третье задания, а грамматическому (предлоги времени in, on, at) — второе задание. Напоминаю, что время работы учеников с карточками примерно 5 мин., задания небольшие и предполагают короткие ответы.

Version-1 (front side) Version-1 (back side)
1) Match

1. get          A. friends and relatives
2. paint       B. fireworks
3. decorate C. presents
4. watch     D. with balloons
5. invite      E. candles
6. light        F. eggs

2) Fill in preposition: in, on, at.
1. George visits us __ every Christmas.
2. I do not have Music __ Wednesday.
3. He bought this car __ autumn.
4. I always get flowers __ my birthday.
5. Pupils have their classes __ the morning.

3) Guess holiday

1. On this public holiday in Belarus people watch a parade and thank veterans for Victory in the second World War.
2. The symbol of this spring holiday is an egg.
3. On this day people play jokes on their friends and relatives.
4. On the first day of every year people
celebrate …
5. This holiday we don’t celebrate in Belarus, but people celebrate it in Britain in June.

Version-2  (front side) Version-2  (back side)
1) Match

1. celebrate    A. jokes
2. watch        B. cards
3. give           C. happiness
4. play           D. a parade
5. send          E. presents
6. wish          F. a holiday

2) Fill in preposition: in, on, at.
1. Children don’t go to school __ the weekend.
2. The weather is usually cold __ January.
3. The cartoon starts __ 13:45.
4. My cousin was born __ 2005.
5. The party is __ the 4th of August.

3) Guess holidays

1. In July all people in Belarus celebrate…
2. On the 25th of December people in Britain and Belarus celebrate …
3. On this day people send cards to those they love, give them flowers and chocolates.
4. On this public holiday there is a great parade in London.
5. This holiday people celebrate in Britain. They wear as horriable monsters and make scary each other.

Version-1 Keys Version-2 Keys


2) 1. at 2. on 3. in 4. on 5. in

3) 1. Victory Day 2. Easter 3. April Fool’s Day 4. New Year’s Day 5. The Queen’s Official Birthday


1. F
2. D
3. E
4. A
5. B
6. C

2) 1. at 2. in 3. at 4. in 5. on

3) 1. Independence Day 2. Christmas 3. April Valentine’s Day 4. The Queen’s Official Birthday 5. Halloween


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