Text 3. Friendship in the Modern World

Text 3

Friendship in the Modern World

1. Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what it is about.
2. Read aloud the extract which says about the changes in the modern society.
3. What do people think about people who have no friends?
4. What does Aristotle say about the three types of friendship?


1. The texts is about friendship. As stated in the text, all people need friends but our way of life has made the world a lonely place. The question of friends and friendship is important. It was discussed by ancient philosophers and three categories of friends were distinguished. The text describes those categories.
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3. People who have no friends are frequently regarded as having problems or strange.
4. Aristotle says that the first category of friendship has a practical value. The second category of friendship is based on the idea of pleasure. The third category is the highest form of friendship. The friendship does not depend on anything other than the friends themselves.

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