Text 4. According to Laws of Hospitality

1. Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what it is about.

The text is about Braslav and the development of tourist industry in Braslav region. The text runs about the changes in its infrastructure, so we may guess that Braslav district will soon become a popular international tourist destination.

2. The author tells us about sporting traditions that exist in Braslav. Find this extract and read it aloud.
Paragraph 4
The ancient Belarusian town has many interesting sporting traditions, including an international fishing contest, which has been gathering hundreds of fishermen from Belarus, Russia and Latvia for the past few years. Sports lovers and those who enjoy the outdoor life are sure to be delighted by the town’s new rowing channel, ski-roller track and ski slope, in addition to a sports complex with an ice rink.

3. What new things will tourists see in Braslav?
Tourists will see a modernised cinema with new halls, the town’s new rowing channel, ski-roller track and ski slope, a sports complex with an ice rink, an entertainment complex, offering billiards and bowling. They will see a new shopping centre with a cafe for children and a lake-river museum with an aquarium.

4. Why will it be interesting to visit this Belarusian town?
According to the text, Braslav is a place with beautiful nature and ancient history. Restored fragments of ancient settlements alongside with modern infrastructure, interesting sporting facilities, a sanatorium and an entertainment complex make Braslav a desirable place to visit.

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