«Before The Dinosaurs» by Aura Dione

К любой теме, которую изучают на уроках английского языка в рамках Программы, можно подобрать современную популярную песню. Даже к той, которая звучит совсем не по-современному. Например, «Travelling back in time» (Form 7 Unit 5). На первый взгляд кажется, какая может быть современная песня на такую тему. Но кто ищет, тот находит. И вот мой вариант для этой темы и в дополнение к подборке песен для уроков: песня уже знакомой нам Ауры Дион «Before The Dinosaurs». Как говорится, название говорит само за себя.

Before Listening

A. What do you know about Aura Dione? What her songs do you know?

Maria Louise Joensen (born January 21, 1985 in Copenhagen, Denmark), professionally known as Aura Dione, is a multi-platinum selling Danish recording artist of Faroese, Spanish, French and Danish origin. In 2008 she released her debut album, Columbine. After winning the European Border Breaker Award in 2011, Aura won Best Female Artist and Hit of the Year for Geronimo in the Danish Music Awards 2012 and Female Artist of the Year in 2013; she is one of Denmark’s top two female recording artists and one of Germany’s top three. Now living in LA, Aura is currently in the studio recording new material with some of the world’s most prestigious producers. Her new album is set for release in 2014 and will be the first release available outside central and Eastern Europe. (Wikipedia)

B. Unscramble the name of the song that we’re going to listen today:

1. preposition that means «previous to; earlier or sooner than» (Before)

2. definite article (The)

3. reptiles  from the Mesozoic Era, certainspecies of which are the largest known land animals (Dinosaurs)

While Listening

«Before The Dinosaurs» by Aura Dione

1. Choose the word you hear in the song

Long time ago, so far away from there/here
There was a time we couldn’t appear/disappear
Before the birds had learned how to fly/sing

There is mad/sad magic in this moment
There is no light/dark side to the sunset
You’re with me and I am yours forever/never

2. Match the parts of the lines

1. We were here     A. practicing my guitar
2. We were             B. before the dinosaurs
3. We were             C. here before the dinosaurs
4. I was just           D. hiding in the mountains

3. Fill in the missing letters in the words

My he____ is not a demo______
I hang your pi_____cture in my inner gal___
You and me, loo___ out from the moun___


4. Put in the correct order

__Come with me, we’ll swim in the sky
__Till you can’t touch the ground with your feet
__That’s how the birds learned how to fly
__Come with me into the deep


5. Fill in the missing verbs

And one day they ____ we’ll ___ away
But I ____ to  _____ forever
Cuz’ I ____ here before the dinosaurs
Always _____ my guitar

Это же задание в Hot Potatoes.

Key: 1) here, disappear, mad, dark, forever; 2) 1B 2D 3C 4A; 3) heart, democracy, picture, gallery, looking, mountaintop; 4) 3, 2, 4, 1; 5) say, go, want, stay, was, practicing.

After Lisening

A. What is this song about? Do you like it? Why?

B. Write down all the words you don’t understand, then work with translation of the lyrics and find  the meaning of these words. (Go to the this site)

Скачать и послушать песню можно здесь.


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