Reading at the exam. Consolidation

Title Link
Card 1 Can cheating be stopped
Card 2 Books in never ending motion
Card 3 Friendship in the modern world
Card 4 According to laws of hospitality
Card 5 Unknown Arthur Conan Doyle
Card 6 Hand made chocolates
Card 7 Mysterious Disappearance
Card 8 Pablo Picasso
Card 9 Good news for chocolate lovers
Card 10 Do very clever children need help?
Card 11  Family History
Card 12  Bullying again?
Card 13  Shakespeare’s portrait?
Card 14  Shopping in London
Card 15 University celebrates
Card 16 World digital library opens 
Card 17 Special request to educational minister
Card 18 The most difficult language?
Card 19 Mobile phones 
Card 20 How I got to the top
Card 21 Haloween
Card 22 Felt boots are feast for the eyes 
Card 23 Village with history of a city
Card 24
Card 25


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