House/Home Quiz

Ученикам 7 класса и всем желающим предлагаю выполнить небольшой тест на употребление слов house/home. В тесте 13 вопросов. Вы сможете узнать свой результат в конце теста.

A house is a building while a home  is any place where a person lives. The word «home» is emotionally coloured, it means the atmosphere of safety and comfort for a person. People build houses, but they create the atmosphere of a home.

Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest.
~Henry Van Dyke


1. It costs a lot to buy a *** in this part of London.



2. I stayed in Montreal for two weeks then flew ***.



3. Our *** is the one with the red door.



4. Last night they stayed at *** and watched TV.



5. We decided to sell the *** and move back to Seattle.



6. Warwick is *** to some 550 international students.



7. He was living on the streets for three months, and his *** was a cardboard box.



8. When I arrived ***, I realised my bag was missing.



9. I live in London, but my *** (= where I was born) is in Yorkshire.



10. Would you like to come round to my *** after school?



11. The good thing about my job is that I can often work at ***.



13. She lives in a little *** in Cross Street.



13. If a sports team are/play at ***, they play on their own sports field.



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