Belarusian customs and traditions

Card 15, renewed.

1. Let’s talk about Belarusian customs and traditions. What can you tell me about your favourite Belarusian holiday? Belarusian people celebrate a lot of holidays but only 8 of them are official days when people don’t work. They are New Year’s Day, Christmas (both Orthodox and Catholic), the 8th of March, Radunitsa, Labour Day, Victory Day, Independence Day and the 7th of November (October Revolution Day).Speaking about Belarusian customs and traditions, I’d like to mention that though most Belarusians follow the traditions of Christianity, a lot in the culture of my country is from pagan beliefs. So, alongside with Easter or Christmas we celebrate Maslenitsa, Kupalle, Kolyady and Dozhynki.The list of Belarusian holidays is rather long. There are national and religious, family and professional holidays. There are also memorable dates, such as April,26 and June,22.My favourite holiday is New Year’s Day. I can’t say that my family celebrates it in an unusual way, but the beginning of a new year is always associated with new hopes and new plans and it makes this day special.
2. Are you proud of our national holidays and traditions? Belarusian customs and traditions characterise Belarusians and their attitude to ancestors. It’s natural when a nation respects the traditions of the past and the people are proud of their cultural heritage. So, yes, I’m proud of our national holidays and traditions.
3. What questions can you ask a friend about his/her last New Year celebration? Did you celebrate New Year’s Day with your family or with your friends? Where did you celebrate it? What present did you get? Did you make any New Year resolutions?
4. What national souvenirs will you recommend a tourist to buy in Belarus? Any thing with Belarusian symbols or ornaments will be OK, but I recommend to buy a handmade straw souvenir or a linen tablecloth.
5. Do you think it is important to follow our grandparents’ traditions? Why? Traditions are handed down from generation to generation, and though some of them are not adоpted to our reality and even funny, I think, it’s important to know them if not follow to be a nation.

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