Dest B2 Unit 18 Vocabulary Practice

Fill in the missing words with the active vocabulary from Unit 18.

Choose from the list:

take / pass; degree / certificate / results; prefect / pupil / student; lesson / subject; read / study; task / effort; primary / secondary / high; qualifications / qualities; achieve / reach; know / recognise; test / exam; count / measure; teach / learn; colleague/classmate; speak/talk

1. If you *** a subject or course at school or university, you choose to study it.
2. The *** of a school are the children who go to it.
3. A *** is a fixed period of time when people are taught about a particular subject or taught how to do something.
4. A *** is an area of knowledge or study, especially one that you study at school, college, or university.
5. If you *** a subject at university, you study it. (BRIT FORMAL; in AM, use major, study )
6. If you ***, you spend time learning about a particular subject or subjects.
7. Your *** are the examinations that you have passed.
8. The *** of something is how good or bad it is.
9. *** means to get or reach (something) by working hard.
10. If someone or something has *** a certain stage, level, or amount, they are at that stage, level, or amount.
11. A *** is a series of questions that you must answer or actions that you must perform in order to show how much you know about a subject or how well you are able to do something.
12. An *** or *** is an official test that you take part in to show your knowledge or ability in a particular subject.
13. You use *** when referring to the level or amount of something that someone or something has.
14. A *** of a particular quality, feeling, or activity is a fairly large amount of it. (FORMAL) a unit used for stating the size, quantity or degree of sth; a system or a scale of these units
15. A *** is an activity or piece of work which you have to do, usually as part of a larger project.
16. An *** is the physical or mental energy that you need to do sth; sth that takes a lot of energy.
17. *** education is given to pupils between the ages of 5 and 11. (BRIT; in AM, use elementary )
18. *** education is given to pupils between the ages of 11 or 12 and 17 or 18.
19. A *** school (American English) is a school for students aged 14 to 18.
20. A *** at a university or college is a course of study that you take there, or the qualification that you get when you have passed the course.
21. A *** is an official document that you receive when you have completed a course of study or training. The qualification that you receive is sometimes also called a certificate.
22. Your *** are the marks or grades that you get for examinations you have taken. (mainly BRIT; in AM, usually use scores )
23. If you *** about a subject, you have studied it or taken an interest in it, and understand part or all of it.
24. If you *** someone or something, you know who that person is or what that thing is.
25. Your *** are the people you work with, especially in a professional job.
26. Your *** are students who are in the same class as you at school or college.
27. When you ***, you use spoken language to express your thoughts, ideas, or feelings.
28. When you ***, you use your voice in order to say something.
29. If you *** or *** a subject, you help students to learn about it by explaining it or showing them how to do it, usually as a job at a school, college, or university.
30. If you *** something, you obtain knowledge or a skill through studying or training.
31. If someone or something *** a test, they are considered to be of an acceptable standard.
32. A *** (in some British schools) is an older student with some authority over younger students and some other responsibilities and advantages
33. A *** is a person who is studying at a university or college.

Answers: 1. take 2. pupils 3. lesson 4. subject 5. read 6. study 7. qualifications 8. quality 9. Achieve 10. reached 11. test 12. exam/examination 13. count 14. measure 15. task 16. effort 17. Primary 18. Secondary 19. high 20. degree 21. certificate 22. results 23. know 24. recognize 25. colleagues 26. classmates 27. talk 28. speak 29. teach 30. learn 31. passes 32. prefect 33. student

Note: при составлении упражнения использован преимущественно Collins COBUILD 5 (en-en) dictionary.

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